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GBlist: PVC Solvents/ABS glues

Jorg wrote: 
John: Has anyone suggested an alternative to the standard smelly
approach? This is a very serious outgassing concern, at least for a

 I saw some "low-voc" cement and cleaner in a catalog (manufactured by
Oatey) and tried to order some, but it wasn't kept in stock. Because of
the nature of these products, I can't imagine they would be tremendously
better. So, when I work with plastic pipe, I just used the standard
materials, wear a respirator, and air everything out well. In most
cases, with plenty of ventilation, the odor is gone in a couple of
hours. I feel I'm protecting my own health as a user, and the outgassing
is so quick, it doesn't have an effect on IAQ once the project is done.
In new construction, there is a pretty long time between gluing pastic
pipe and occupancy. 

One aspect of my philosophy involves occasionally using unhealthy
materials in healthy ways. Yes, I could use copper or cast iron drain
pipes—which are more inert—but I'd rather use the cheaper plastic
drains, then spend any extra money on the materials directly exposed to
the living space—where they do the most good. 
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