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Re(2): GBlist: Concrete floor finish

Marc J. Rosenbaum wrote:
> Any recommendations for staining a concrete floor in a new classroom
> Like to avoid paint here.

terrain@seaside.net writes:
>We have used linseed oil and wax as finishes for highly polished
>concrete floors for residential houses. Pigments can be added to either
>but it is difficult to achieve good results (consistent color) the
>concrete tends to absorb the color unevenly, which is not something you
>notice in photographs but can be quite ugly to live with. What we have
>done is break the concrete floor into segments using inlaid tile,
>stone,brick or even metal (brass strips). The effects of the colour or
>finish are then broken into contained segments like large tiles and then
>the uneven finish becomes a feature on its own. Tile or metal segments
>can be easily inlaid on an existing floor. What we have found is that
>with the used of a decorative element like the tile the natural concrete
>color becomes quite acceptable. 

One method that is used in this area is to score the concrete about 1/4" deep
with a masonry saw into patterns - standard tile shapes being the most common
- and then use standard tile grout.  The places I've seen this method used
came out real nice.  



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