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GBlist: 450 acer 'San Diego Naval Training Center' gifted to San Diego 'community '?...

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Subject : 450 acer 'San Diego Naval Training Center' gifted to San Diego

        450 acre 'Community Heart Center'(EPCOT/STAR Center) gifted?
            John McNab                                (619)531-0773
            Bob Broska   mailto:vsynthesis@aol.com    (619)474-7630

        A 'gifted' navy facility example?
           'Fort Mason Foundation' related reference:

Please consider:

The world community (if it speaks up firmly???) should be gifted in
April 1997 
with a 450 acre 'San Diego Naval Training Center' property/facility with
over 225
buildings to immortalize our greatest ideals and visions - just like a
prior generation of San Diegans did in the creation of Balboa Park.

Can you visualize the realization of a future 'Community Heart
Center'(EPCOT/STAR Center) serving as a public San Diego based world
display/repository of futuristic harmonious 'Possibilities' for all
areas of life?.....

Including possible development and display of examples of

Any possibilities for a 'gifted' 450 acre 'San Diego Naval Training
Center' property/facility with over 225 buildings, before it's to late
for some reason<http://www.trufax.org/alert.html>????????

Where's did that 100th monkey go to... ,

A closing thought...
... on the subject of 'time' and 'timelines'. And, if there is a message
in my work, I would only WISH and WILL it to be this:
          We are constantly reminded daily of what the future holds for
us, and it seems that the future holds only events to be of a
catastrophic or doomsday nature. Most of us have a fear of the unknown,
thus, most of us fear the future, because, it is an unknown. Your
future, like mine, is NOT set in STONE, nor, do we have to experience
any of the catastrophic events that have been prophesied. All prophesied
catastrophic and doomsday events are truly events that are cataloged and
can happen, but are not necessarily events to be experienced by all. By
understanding the true perception of 'time' and 'timelines', you will
also come to the realization that you do not have to get caught up with
all of these predictions that are "Fear" based. Do NOT allow your
limited perceptions through the five physical sensories, gloomy fear
based predictions of the future, nor the incorrect perception of 'time'
to become your shackle. Time is NOT linear (past, present and future),
but is parallel and is only an event. All events are happening
simultaneously --- NOW! Therefore, we have at our access the "Free Will"
to choose what events we want to experience, which are located on
different timelines. Our "Free Will" is SUPREME in this universe, but we
have the tendency to allow others to make decisions for us, and by doing
so, they will make decisions for their own welfare and not ours. Then,
when events do not come out like we would want them, we consider
ourselves a victim. Is not making a decision, a decision? Fear is an
emotion, and emotions are an outwardly projection of our frequency, but
also a means by which we can determine our own frequencies. We all have
a range of frequencies that we vibrate at, and it's the daily reminders
of these predictions, no matter how large or small, that place us in a
fear based frequency. Thus, what you fear the most --- you WILL
experience! You made decisions using this frequency and its the
frequencies along with your decisions that draws you to the different
timelines and its events. Some would call this, a SELF-FULFILLED
PROPHECY! ... <http://www.execpc.com/~vjentpr/drueintv.html>
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