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GBlist: Forward: SBS and floor leveling compound - it ain't easy

          "`Sick' Building's Bad Smell Is Gone, But So Are Tenants.  After 
          $5.6 Million in Repairs, Facility's Future Is Uncertain."  
          Washington Post, 28 April 97, A17. 
               A history of the problems plaguing the federal building 
               known as Silver Spring Metro Center I, which was purchased 
               by the General Services Administration in 1987.  By 1989, 
               after the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration 
               moved in, the floors were found to be sagging.  The floors 
               were reinforced and spread with a leveling compound called 
               Morritex.  Employees then complained of illness and 
               bad-smelling air.  A consultant recommended that the 
               Morritex be torn out because of noticeable levels of phenol.  
               The Morritex was replaced with Sonoflow and the floors were 
               recarpeted.  Three months later, a new odor was discovered 
               and was traced to a reaction between the Sonoflow and the 
               adhesive used to put down the carpeting.  The latest repairs 
               are expected to be completed by August. 
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