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Re: GBlist: Good Wood

I just love this email!!

Is this your way of saying that whatever scientific conclusions you don't
agree with are meaningless because some newspaper or radio idiot
incorrectly reported some story about lung damage?

Did you hear it on the Rush show or something?

What I really love the most about people who think like that is the thought
that they trust (as do we all) our whole life to the results of science.
That car you drive, plane you fly in, house you live in, heat you warm
yourself with, etc., are all the products of that science you laugh at when
it doesn't agree with your silly opinions!!!


Reminds me of all the idiots who, when confronted with scientific evidence
that completely disproves their agenda, reply "Is that the same science
that says a bumblebee can't fly?"


> From: John Salmen <terrain@seaside.net>
> To: Edward J Hartnett <ejh@idcomm.com>
> Cc: Bruce Sullivan <sullivan@crest.org>; Green Building
> Subject: Re: GBlist: Good Wood
> Date: Monday, May 05, 1997 9:26 AM
> Edward J Hartnett wrote:
> > 
> > I just recently read a article in Scientific American about these green
> > harvesting operations. The conclusion was that they are not actually
> > that much better for the environment than the usual methods.
> > 
> > This was within the last three months or so, just go to the library and
> > take a look.
> > 
> > Best thing is just not to use wood, if you can avoid it!
> > 
> > ----------
> Was that in the same issue as the article on breathing is harmfull to
> lung tissue?
> John
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