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Re: GBlist: GB Hard Info


I suggest that you refer to the "Sustainable Building Technical Manual"
(Public Technology, Inc., U.S. Green Building Council, DOE, EPA and many
others), available from PTI's pubs center (800-PTI-8976) or at PTI's web
site (http://pti.nw.dc.us/publist_energy.htm#sustain).

Michael Wood-Lewis


At 09:34 AM 5/6/97 -0500, you wrote:
>    Hello,
>    I'm trying to develop a green building policy for Aberdeen Proving
>    Ground, Maryland.  I was wondering if anyone could point me to hard
>    information about:
>       1) framing, specifically: efficient distance between studs,
>          alternate materials like metal or recycled woods (particularly
>          sources of these woods on the east coast)
>       2) solar design: hard information (techniques, paybacks, etc.) for
>          both heating and lighting
>       3) design of graywater systems, particularly any necessary filtering
>          or treating prior to reuse.
>       4) information (anecdotal or otherwise) about how to determine what
>          materials in a given building are worth salvaging.
>    I appreciate any help or guidance any of you wish to offer.
>    Thanks
>    Ken Wright                               kwright@dynamac.com
>    Dynamac Corporation                      610-989-9400 x118
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This greenbuilding dialogue is sponsored by Oikos (www.oikos.com)
and Environmental Building News (www.ebuild.com). For instructions
send e-mail to greenbuilding-request@crest.org.