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Re: GBlist: I'd rather hug a tree than give up my OSB

Hi, Fred--

Thanks for your rant riposte!

I guess I do personify trees. I have personal favorites that I love to
visit. And, I must say, if I had to choose between a Douglas fir that
started to grow around the time of the Norman conquest and, say, Rush


>I object to the personification of plants. Trees are wonderful, a
>stagering gift of creation, but they are not people.


I can only assure you that it's not my class envy that gets me upset about
big houses. I believe they are getting bigger, not because people need the
space to live in, but because of skewed materialistic values.

I certainly do judge, both myself and others. I regard it as part of a
rational process of learning and improvement. Also, humans are capable of
masking and denying evil actions--sometimes directed against other humans,
sometimes against trees. Usually some rationale is offered that sounds
factual but is actually an opinion--such as "those kind of people are lazy
and don't want to work" or "trees are not people". I think it's essential
for humans to judge their actions against some higher standard than
"whatever works for me".


>When you complain about large private houses, I can't tell if I'm hearing
>environmental concern or class envy. You're an American. That means that
>90% of the population sees you and me as gluttonous pigs. So judge not,
>'less you be judged.

Best, Mike

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