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GBlist: PF resins

Chris, Bruce S., GBlisters:

Regarding the formaldehyde-free phenolic resins, I apologize for not
responding to your questions more promptly.

I should have included the contact information for the developer of the
soybean peroxidase technology:
Enzymol International, Inc.
Alex Pokora, Vice-President
2543 Westbelt Dr.
Columbus, OH  43228

Feel free to contact Alex (really nice guy) with any specific questions
regarding the peroxidase enzyme and how to order some.

I can tell you that the product IS sold commercially, although I am not
familiar with which companies Enzymol has been working with of late. 
Enzymol claims that the economics are favorable (equal or less) for
resins manufactured with the soy peroxidase enzyme compared to
traditional PF resins.  For example, Enzymol manufactures the phenolic
dimer tetramethyl biphenol for a selling cost 50-60% lower than the cost
for the dimer when manufactured by conventional methods. The price lists
I have for the peroxidase are from 1995, so I don't want to misquote
their current selling price.  Enzymol is engaged in a variety of
commercial ventures to expand the industrial uses of the soy peroxidase
enzyme, and to help industry respond to the need for safer and more
environmentally sound manufacturing.

Michelle Carstensen
Institute for Local Self-Reliance
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