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GBlist: Fwd: Request for Info on Green Building


High Performance Building Intititative
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

The PA Department of Environmental Protection and Conservation
Consultants, Inc., are seeking information from individuals and
organizations engaged in the design, development and construction or
renovation of high performance, sustainable buildings.  The purpose of
the search is to gather information on policy, financing and case
studies to be featured in public education documents and videos on the
subject of sustainable design.

There is particular interest in green schools and other educational
buildings.  Respondents will be added to a mailing list to solicit
participants and speakers for upcoming conferences on the subject. 
Please remit your information to 

Robert J Kobet, AIA
Director of Green Building Services
Conservation Consultants, Inc.
64 S. 14th St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15203

vox (412) 431-4449 ext. 225
fax (412) 431-4558
email cci@nauticom.net


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