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GBlist: IAQ


As I have said before, and many of you have been most helpful, my ER 
is moving us to a renovated building that is older than the condemned 
one we are presently in.  I have been extremely pro-active in trying 
to see that the renos are done in such a way as to give us better 
conditions than we have now.  I have sent the managers in charge of 
the renos reams of papers, suggestions, questions etc.

Today I received this which was apparently sent to a short list of 
bidders.  Could some of you who know a lot more about this thing 
evaluate the statement for me so I can tell if we are actually amking 
progress or not.  I have never heard of this Washington Protocol.
This is re: furnishings.

"The product shall not emit VOCs which will result in an IA 
concentration of greater than 1.5mg/m3 when tested in accordance with 
the State of Washington Environmental Chamber Protocol for the 
Measurement of Pollutant Outgassing from Office Furniture and ASTM 
D5116-90 Standard Guide for Small Scale Environmental Chamber 
Determinants of Organic Emissions from Indoor Materials/Products, or 
through extrapolationfrom the above test results for components of 
similar products using computer modelling.
The product shall not emit formaldehyde which will result in an IA 
concentration of greater than 0.5mg/m3 etc (exactly the same from 
there on)"

Are we making progress, or is someone putting lots of big and 
important stuff on paper that will not mean much in terms of really 
good air?

Thanks for any thoughts.


Keep on keepin' on.
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