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Re: GBlist: IAQ


You should count this as progress. This specification means that the
products must have been tested for emissions: a big step past the lowest
price syndrome. 

Be prepared for a lot of hand-wringing when it comes time for computer
modeling. Opportunities range from simple steady-state calculations to
rather elaborate exercises involving the mysterious software available to a
privileged few. It's not easy, however, to get people thinking in model
terms. Traditionally, they want to use the chamber test value without
adjusting for air exchange, product loading, or volume. It's easy to
believe that the chamber should be a scale model of the building -- don't
fall for it. Sometimes the adjuster goes up, sometimes down. Algebra is an
unnerving influence on current culture. Things are pretty well explained in
the ASTM standard guide. You may want to get a copy of D-5116. You can
order standards through their webpage (www.astm.org).

If you want more information after reading through the standard, give a
holler. I'm not the only correspondent to this list who has an IAQ reading
list to push onto others. 

Keep us appraised of progress,

... Harry
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