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Re: GBlist: Modelling

In a message dated 97-08-04 11:45:54 EDT, you write:

<< Has anyone had any experience working with CANMET/ENERMODAL's Frame4 and
 Frame plus software - can it effectively model impedance or potential
 for condensation at any point in an assembly and how adaptable is it for
 applying a variety of exterior or interior environmental conditions.
 Thanks for any information, also are there any linux users running esp-r
 John Salmen


You are in luck.  There is a slew of people out there using FRAME daily in
the determination of NFRC ratings.  Contact NFRC at 301-586-NFRC and ask for
a list of accredited simulation laboratories.  Also, the good folk at LBNL
have spent a lot of "energy" evaluating the FRAME two-dimensional node model
as to how well it quantifies three-dimensional phenomena.  You may want to
look into one of the 3-D tools for more detailed evaluation.

Good Luck!

Chris Mathis
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