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Re: GBlist: building costs

Check with Ken Haggard and Polly Cooper, San Luis Solar Group, (805) 438-4452

They are project architects for Terra Nueva Cohousing group in San Luis
Obispo County, CA., as well as major proponnets of energy efficiency in
design and construction.  Their home/studio is straw bale/recovered
timber/off the grid etc etc.  Not the same climate, but Ken and Polly
should be able to steer you right.

>Hi folks,
>Our cohousing group is reaching the point where we have to consider our
>decisions on what construction technologies to use.  I'm trying to put
>together a chart comparing costs and other considerations for the
>options we are looking at.  I know trying to compare square foot costs
>for diferenet technologies is very crude and inaccurate and will vary
>because of where we live--southwest Colorado.  It can help give us a
>picture of what's realistic and affordable though.
>What I want to compare is the following, in terms of square foot costs,
>ease of construction, options for sweat equity and owner builder
>        *standard stick frame construction
>        *energy efficient stick frame construction
>        *straw bale
>        *sraw clay
>        *earth block
>        *adobe
>        *poured earth
>        *anything else
>We are committed to energy and resource efficiency and very interested
>in alternative construction, if doable and affordable.  I'm looking for
>any and all feedback.  If anyone knows if this has been done and where I
>can find it, or similar information, that would be great.  Thanks in
>Barry Goldberg
>970-259-2194 day
>970-385-7451 evening
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Steve McGrath
McGrath Associates
Build America Radio News Magazine
(805) 544-5457

This greenbuilding dialogue is sponsored by CREST <www.crest.org>
Environmental Building News <www.ebuild.com> and Oikos <www.oikos.com>
For  instructions send  e-mail to  greenbuilding-request@crest.org.