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GBlist: Re: EEBA-L: environmental expanding foam sealant

We use Handi-Foam (Fomo Products, P.O. Box 1078 Norton, OH 44203) which 
is a one part, polyurethane, hcfc,low-expanding foam.  We buy it direct 
from the mfr by the pallet load, but it is available retail through 
Shelter Supply in Minneapolis, phone (800)762-8399.  I've shot hundreds 
of cans of the stuff into SIP joints, around windows, and general crack 
filling on the job.

Handi-foam is much more user friendly than some of the hardware store 
varieties. It expands 2-3 times the original size of the bead (rather 
than 10-20 times), dries tack free within 20 minutes, and is totally 
cured in 24 hours. Cured foam is R-5 per inch. 
It sticks to everything, including skin.  Once its on your hands, you 
have to wear it off.  Wear gloves and old clothes.  It's a good idea to 
finish a can once it's started, since it can be difficult to adequately 
clean the nozzle to keep it from glogging before a second use. Handi-foam 
does offer a gun, which is cleanable, but I have no experience with it.

The one-part foam comes in 12 & 24 oz cans and 10 lb tanks. A case (12) 
of the 24 oz cans costs $142.92 from Shelter. The two part foam comes in 
25 and 55 lb tanks.

Chris Koehn
Top Ridge Timber Frame Homes
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