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Re: GBlist: Wetlands

Noone has the right to spoil anything, that is not what I am saying.   I am
saying it is a civil matter, not a federal one.

Get the point.  Most people are sane and would not intentionally do anything
to harm themselvs or another. But when they do...we don't need big brother to
become judge and jury.

You have the right to sue anyone that takes the quality of life from you, or
damages your property.  

Another thing...how about sane regulations if we must have them....you have
to read the new EPA laws to know what I am talking about.  I did the day
after they were posted, about 12 inches of new regs...and you can't fart
without being a criminal.

If you clean your car, bar b que, mow your lawn, etc.  you are in non
complience.  The government has made criminals of most of us...and I will bet
you as well if the truth be known.

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