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Re: GBlist: windows

In a message dated 10/1/97 11:06:52 AM, you wrote:

<<I am getting conflicting info from local contractors - double vs. single,
argon filled vs reflective coating vs.
......  The main problem seems to be condensation in double paned windows
resulting from the extreme heat vs the excessive use of air conditioning
and the extreme humidity 

I have a client who needs to change windows and I need a 
fast answer.  Please note that the house is sited N/S but there is an
added problem with a child who is severely asthmatic and sensitive to


In Florida I'd look for windows that have a Shading Coefficient of around
0.35 to cut down on solar transimission.  My own experience over the years
has lead me to believe that large temperature difference between the inner
and outer glazings and dramatic cycling of the outer pane temperature are
strongly linked to with edge seal failure.  I believe expansion and
contraction flexs the spacer-sealant system.  Edge seal failure is annoying.
 Some manufacturers make panels easier to replace than others.  Ask about
that directly - what's it take to replace a panel?  Another approach would be
to use windows that are air vented, and to slightly pressurize the building
(if it's air conditioned that is).  That would be a single glazed window with
a tight fitting storm.  That combination would have very little condensation
between the panels.  See if you can get hard coat low-e in the prime window.
- Terry
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