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Re: GBlist: window longevity

A few thoughts on the window thread:

I think a high R value window will be well worth the R&D investment. In 
heating climates the majority of seal failures in IG are directly related 
to interior condensation.  High R value windows will be less likely to 
condensate in extreme weather. 

Choose windows that are easily reglazeable. Many good wood sash windows 
have removeable glazing stops on the inside which can be carefully cut 
out with a razor knife and re-installed after the glass is replaced. Many 
less expensive manufacturers require that the whole sash be thrown out 
and replaced when the glass is broke or the seal has failed.

Beef up the manufacturer's glazing job. I routinely "toe bead" around the 
perimeter of the glass (where it meets the sash) with GE silicone caulk 
to further protect the butyl glazing material.  This is a method and 
material approved by Pella.  Also be sure to properly paint ALL wood- 
including the edges of the sash- so that the metal channel is not exposed 
to wick-ed moisture.

An ounce of prevention...

Chris Koehn
Top Ridge

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