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GBlist: Re: EEBA-L: The Watt Stopper

Wim De Groote wrote:
> Since 3 days I am trying to reach this company by email, by their website
> and by fax. I probably have a wrong fax number.
> Has any one of your American energy freaks the right one ? I need it urgently.
> Thank you in advance for your help,
> W. De Groote
> Gent, Belgium

Watt Stopper, US....  Plano, Texas,  try:

Ms. Gari Stewart  972-578-1699 ext 106;   800-879-1311; Fax 972-422-1311

or try:  Stan Lynch  800-879-8585

Above data from a fresh Watt Stopper catalog. 

BTW: Watt Stopper is a brand I have had very good experiences with.

Tom Anderson
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