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Re: GBlist: Receptacle Gaskets

The problem with electrical box gaskets :

1 - a gasket does nothing to seal the device itself. There are holes
straight thru a duplex receptacle, a bit less on a switch. Care Covers work
better since they slide closed - although to the best of my knowledge there
is no similar one for switches.

2 - unless the electrical box is right next to a bed, favorite chair -
comfort issues, they really don't do much. One NY-Star house here on LI,
wasn't passing the 3 ACH50 test and without telling me the QAP, the builder
sent one of his guys out to buy gaskets. When he got back & I found out, I
said sure give it a shot. ~48 gaskets later, only a digital gauge would read
the reduction - we were trying to get to 3 ACH from 4 or 5 so it gets
exponentially more difficult.

I usually tell my homeowner clients to do it themselves, it isn't worth
paying a contractor.


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