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Barkeater Design Company
Malone, NY -"the foothills of the adirondacks"

NOTICE (03/18/97):All those interested in stone slipform construction: see build systems below, and stop by in a few days as we are adding workshop and plan information, photos from the summer of 97, and more!

Welcome to Adirondacks!

We at Barkeater Design Company can help you design your own home. We utilize a unique system of patterns to help you solve design problems and give you ideas. Whether it is a full-on design and drafting package, or a one hour design counsel, we have the service for you. Sign up for our free worksheet,and send us your sketches, we can give you a hand.

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Barkeater Design Company
35 Wellington Street
Malone, NY 12953
phone and fax-518-483-5282

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