Lawrence F. London, Jr.
Title: CastEarth

Patent Pending

A Breakthrough Technology in Light Construction

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FLASH! The First Cast Earth Seminar

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Cast Earth? It's what was used to build this:

The first Cast Earth House
Prescott, Arizona, 1996
New South View

Tell me more about this house.

What is Cast Earth? | Gypsum is a key enabler.

Why build with earth?

Why are earth walls energy efficient?

How was Cast Earth Developed?

How can I become a Cast Earth builder?

How can I become the owner of a Cast Earth structure?

Spring Special: Cast Earth Article in Fine Homebuilding, March, 1997, Page 34.

eMail the Cast Earth Affiliates

388 Tavernier
Boulder City, NV 89005

702-294-0637 FAX

Resumés & Contact Info:

Harris Lowenhaupt | Michael Frerking

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New Newsgroup, alt.building.earth

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