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Lawrence F. London, Jr.
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The purpose of Sustainable Sources is to provide a solutions-based environmental site.

Many of us already recognize that there are problems with our culture's present patterns of living, and don't want to spend our time trying to play environmental police. It seems that taking on the role of Defender of the Environment is a step that many take when we realize the damage being caused by irresponsible actions around us. There is nothing wrong with that - in fact, activists have done an excellent job of educating the general populace.

However, another approach that may be more effective is to come up with demonstrable solutions, and present them in such a way that they are seen by the general public as rational, or even inevitable, alternatives. Sustainable Sources provides resources that offer practical options to the conventional methods of building, community, travel, and more.

"What is it we fear, that we have this need to create such fortresses when simple shelter might be sufficient?" --Rudolpho Ramina, Curitiba, Brazil, at the Austin Green Building Conference.

Praise for Sustainable Sources.

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