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The Sustainable Building Sourcebook on Web

Green Building Conference November 7-10 1996.
The 5th Annual Green Building Conference in Austin, Texas was held on November 7th through 10th at the Austin Convention Center. Watch this space for reports on the proceedings.

New! Read Green Building: A Primer for Consumers, Builders and Realtors from Howard Associates.

New! Want to build a sturdy home with no nails? See the excellent site from Goshen Timber Framing. Goshen also is offering free internships (3 weeks minimum, place to stay provided) through the winter.

New! Thatch Roofing

New! Green Building Technical Manual produced jointly by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and Public Technology, Inc. is available in PDF format. 292 pages.

New! Environmental Home Database from the Lower Colorado River Authority provides product info for commercial and residential renovation projects.

New! Energy Efficient Building Association

New! Passive Solar Industries Council

New! Cob Cottage Company

New! PEOPLES Economic Opportunity Project of New York City.

New! Hardcore stuff from Lawrence Berkeley Labs' Center for Building Science

Updated A List of Green Databases, begun by Sue Barnett of the City of Austin's Green Builder Program. Your additions to the list are welcome!

Environmental Building News
EBN is a bimonthly in depth review of sustainable building products, methods, and the like. These folks have a great philosophy--they take no advertising in order to insure that their reviews remain unbiased. Your subscription may cost a little more up front, but it is WELL worth it!

The Department of Energy's Center for Excellence for Sustainable Development
CESD provides consultation and information on sustainable development. You might be particularly interested in their collection of Articles on Sustainablity and their Database of Sustainable Development Resources.

Ecological Architecture is a fine site with resources on a diverse range of information from Appropriate Technology and Bioregional Planning to Deep Ecology, Holistic Design and Building, Embodied Energy and Life Cycle Analysis, Transportation, and Permaculture.

You can also find information and/or links on the less physical topics of Environmental Illness, Sacred Geometry and Earth, Spirituality, and the Principles of Sustainability.

The Austin Sustainble Building Coalition
SBC is a grassroots organization of builders, homeowners, architects, and laypeople interested in sustainable building topics.

Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems is now on the Web with some background information, a list of publications and a bibliography. New! Photos of the Green Building Demonstration home are now online (see Selected Projects).

Eco-Home is a center for the study, development and demonstration of an ecologically sound lifestyle in an urban setting, expressed in right human relations and right action, in harmony with the earth and all its inhabitants. It is a community network for the furtherance of appropriate technology and appropriate lifestyles. And it is a community resource center of information and guidance in ecologocial urban living for individuals, businesses and government agencies.

Institute for Planetary Renewal has detailed information on an Ultra Low Cost Construction method, Life Support technologies, and Self Healing methods, with a promise of more to come.

Steve's Alternative Housing Archive. Steve is a student in the UK who has put together an excellent compilation of alternative housing resources. AHA is a part of his research into Unorthodox Housing Solutions and is being developed as a central resource for individuals and groups interested in new approaches to housing policy and practice. The best we've seen on the topic to date.

Sustainable Architecture: Eco Design and Landscaping. The Author says, "This is an archive of information about sustainable architecture: ecologic planning, design, integratedarchitecture and landscaping for tropical, sub-tropical or temperate climates. Most of these resources are available at libraries or as goverment publications, etc." But heck, we're on the net, and they're just a few clicks away... no need to chase 'em down anywhere else!

Although I don't usually provide links to "commercial" sites, Andrew MacMillan's Holistic Homes Design holds the same basic philosophy as here on Sustainable Sources, and has a bunch of great backup information. Besides that, he's a great guy. Check out his site for info on Feng Shui, EMF, and the Cerro Gordo Community.

The March issue of Green Builder News, from the City of Austin's Green Builder Program, is now online.

Case Studies

The Green Floors Project of Natural Resources Canada (in English and French) tells the detailed story of a responsible remodeling project.

Habitat for Humanity's Washington DC affiliate shows off their GreenHOME Project

Earth Sweet Home is a Vermont project to a build home as much as possible from natural materials from within a 30 mile radius of the site.

Highland ECO Centre is a demonstration house in Scotland.

Some other Sustainable Building links of interest:

Some newsgroups on related topics:

Check out the Clearinghouse LogoArgus Clearinghouse environmental section.

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