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Subject: Alternative Energy FYI

I picked this up from another list but thought it might be of interest to
some on the Homestead list. Makes me kinda proud of my home state that
they'd take an advanced stand on alternative energy production including

Vern in the Ozarks (where there's not enough general wind energy to
generate usuable amounts of electric power)

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Subject: 42 MW Wind Vendor Selected
Date: Friday, October 10, 1997 4:13 PM

                              PRESS RELEASE:                               

IWEA 10 OCT. 1997, Des Moines, Ia.

  Iowa's final Alternative Energy Production (AEP), capacity law of 105
Megawatts has now been filled with the announcement by Interstate Power
Company, Dubuque, Iowa that the vendor selected for it's share of the AEP
capacity of
42 MW was the Wind Group of, FORAS Energy Inc., Lakota Power Group N A Inc.
& NEG/Micon.
 Interstate Power Company was the last of the state's investor owned
utilities to let out their AEP contract.
  The Windfarm project will be located near Clear Lake, Iowa and include 54
NEG/Micon 750kW turbines. The project is slated to be completed by June
with construction beginning in the Spring of 1998.
  John P. Sayler, President of Lakota Power Group N A Inc., the projects
originator stated, " We are extremely pleased over this announcement and
look forward to working with Interstate Power Company on this unique
project." Lakota had partnered with FORAS & NEG/Micon in an effort to bring
together the most effective project team, utilizing a proven turbine.
Tenatively dubed ELLENSBURG II, the windfarm project will pump
$45 million into the local Clear Lake/Mason City region. The project will
include construction of a permanent Operations/Service facility for the
of the contract with Interstate Power Company.


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