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Subject: Open House in MD - Strawbale/off-grid/solar/energy fair

     As part of the National Tour of Solar Homes 
     of the American Solar Energy Society, our family and the Potomac 
     Region Solar Energy Association (PRESEA) are opening our house this 
     coming Saturday from Noon to 4 p.m.  PRESEA will also be hosting an 
     Energy fair at the same site with 8 or more booths/speakers on solar 
     and other energy related topics.  Also up for display will be the 
     infamous strawbale octagon thing in all its mud-coated glory.  
     There will be demonstrations of working with strawbales, mud 
     plastering, the sawmill will be out on display, piles of deconstructed 
     housing materials to marvel at, Fairhaven School materials, but, alas, 
     no beer.
     See you there.(directions below)
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     While traveling on route 50 you will want to take the Davidsonville 
     exit (Davidsonville lies between Bowie and Annapolis)
     Travel south of 50 toward the village of Davidsonville. Go about 3-4 
     miles until you get to the first stop light This should be route 214 
     Central Avenue
     Do not turn!
     Look at your odometer and travel 1.9 miles further along on 424
     (This stretch is actually called Birdsville Road for some historic 
     reason) Turn right onto the very small dead-end road called Dodon 
     Go down a hill 
     Go back up a hill
     Follow the road as it makes a 90 degree turn to the left
     Take the next left turn onto a small gravel road that pretends to be 
     our unmarked drive.
     Go1/2 mile until you see our house.
     Home phone is 410 798 6759
     If you get lost ask anyone on Dodon Road how to get to our house.