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Re: [seedsavers] Unfortunate circumstances regarding this list

Carol Moss wrote:

>  How about calling it Seed Harvest?
>  It is unfortunate that Diane Whealy doesn't have anything else to do 
> with her time. She is probably looking for signs that Kent will continue 
> his work and may have thought he was involved in this list. I hope he is 
> progressing in his fight and won't let a vindictive woman stop him from 
> continuing his work in any way he can.

Makes me want to say that:
1) bad marraiges should a. never have happened in the first place - they both should be more careful
who they choose for a partner b. should never continue for any reason
2) his decision to end the relationship as well founded in light of her only response was to sacrifice
(best word I can think of) or otherwise deliberately put at risk such a valuable public resource, especially in these 
times with the horrible ogrish monsanto lurking at the edge of every farm field.

Viva Cuba!
Viva Fidel!
Viva Che!

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