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[seedsavers] Seed companies and their websites and catalogs

Carol Moss wrote:

>  Dave's Garden has an extensive list that includes all kinds of seed 
> companies and plant nursery's. We need a list of vendors that sell 
> heirloom, open pollinated and non GMO seeds or plants.  I don't believe 
> Dave has categories to sort that out for us. Isn't Dave's Garden a 
> (paid) member site?
>  I use the Garden Watchdog occasionally but I have never subscribed to 
> Dave's Garden. I think it would be nice to have the short list instead 
> of wading through every vendor in the country.

That's why I suggested doing this. The number of seed companies with catalogs and
the volume of seed offerings, many unidentified as to value and appropriateness,
makes this undertaking worthwhile.

I would start by putting together everything that has passed through this list,
companies, seed varieties, etc. I have kept email folders with such references for a long time.
I will go through these and post anything new and interesting I find. We could divide the posts
up between general lists of companies, companies that specialize, general lists of worthwhile seeds
with sources and when sources are sought and another for secialized categories of seeds.
Seeds, plants, corms, tubers, rhizomes and bulbs would be grouped together. With a collection of
these types of posts flowing we could eventually put categories of them together as chaptters in a book, or catalog.
This could be turned in to traditional Usenet FAQ (and has probably already been done in one form or another)
to be entered into the MIT Usenet FAQ repository.

Also, soon I will have a new wiki-blog-forums-website available for our use. Initially it will serve these communities:
1) permaculture
2) market farming, homestead gardening and soil quality
3) farmers markets
4) seed information, commercial seed sources, seed saving and seed exchanging

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