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Re: [seedsavers] re-naming the list was Unfortunate circumstances regarding this list

Kathleen O'Brien Blair wrote:

> How about fuckdianewhealyandamygoldmanseedsaving?  :)

Or: our-guy-finally-traded-in-the-old-Edsel(or was it a Yugo)-for-a-Unimog@lists.thehellwithsse.org
Google Unimog.

Or: did-amygoldman-finally-marry-theloveofherlife-HenryKissenger@concernedEastTimoreseandCentralAmericansandChileans.org

Or amygoldmans-trainer-for-president@lists.letgreedrule.org


> Or - savingkentwhealysseeds 

Thats a good one. If he came on board and needed an activist forum I would have this set up.
> Or
> Upyoursseedsavrs?

or downwithseedsaversx@

> Or - some synonym for savers - here are synonyms for save:
>    1.  To extricate, as from danger or confinement: deliver, rescue.
> Idiom:   come to the rescue of. See  help
>    2. To protect (an asset) from loss or destruction: conserve, husband,
> preserve. See keep
>    3. To use without wasting: conserve, economize, spare. See save
>    4. To reserve for the future. Also used with up: keep, lay aside, lay
> away, lay by, lay in, lay up, put by, salt away, set by. See keep, save
>    5. To accumulate and set aside for future use. Also used with up: lay
> in, lay up, stockpile, store (up). See keep
> Hmm - #3 - seedsparers ? close enough to piss them off but not close
> enough to be able to do anything about.
> Or - seedsavingers?  


seedgleaners@ is a very good one
the Franciscan order and St Andrews Society do glean or are supportive of gleaning unharvested produce for the poor
I like that one.

> What about inviting Kent Whealy to join this list?

I have no idea how to contact him. If someone can supply me with this information I will
try to get him on board.

Its a shame that the nice women in this list who encouraged me to subscribe Dianne were
probably disappointed in the outcome, not to mention her "performance" as list member.

> Pissed off,
> Kathleen

Certainly spurred on our own seed saving and exchanging efforts here in this forum.
You could say "A Funny Thing Happened On the Way To the Forum"* today.
* "One ofthe hottest burlesque shows that ever hit Broadway"

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