Starship Design Project

This is not a Star Trek or science fiction site. We are seriously trying to develop plausable concepts for starships we think could be built and flown in the mid 21st century, using the likely technologies of the day. We have and are discusing why we might send such a ship. What it might be assigned to do. What constraints seem likely. What flight types seem possible, acceptable, or advisable. How it could get to a nearby starsystem. And what technical developments would be nessisary to build and launch such a mission.

Table of Contents.


Starship Design Project

Project Charter

Briefly describes reference senario we spawned out as background for our starship construction mission in the year 2050. This is the charter for the starship design project.


Reference library

Reference science articals and previous starship designs.


Computer Services

Downloadable programs and on-line analysis software.

Computer Resources and On-line support software


An archive of past discusion newsletters and newsletter posting software.

Newsletter Archive

Project Progress Report

An overview discusion of the information and concepts we've come up with so far.

Project Progress Report

Starship designs

The rough starship designs we've come up with so far.

Explorer Class

M.A.R.S. Class

Argosey Class

Fuel/Sail Class

Exploration Support Craft

Briefly describes a couple of craft we assume the ship will need to carry with it to do the mission.


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