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The Stringless Yo Yo project at this web site is Harvey Job Matusow's 6th book.

A Harvey Matusow bio can be found as part of the University of Sussex Library archives collection of of Harvey Matusow's papers. Matusow's donations includes copies of Frendz magazine.


Harvey Job Matusow has released 7 albums, tapes or cds over the years. His more recent recordings have been made using bells made from melted down munitions casings. We'll be adding more detail on Harvey Job Matusow's musical works here in the future.

Harvey Matusow's Jews Harp Band did an obscure a 45rpm single: Afghan Red/Red Stocks (Head HDS 4004) 1969 -- the fourth and final release on John Curd's Head label.

War Between the Fats and Thins
his first lp, circa 1970?

As Job Matusow he recorded some CDs in the 80s, listed in Arabon Music's web pages:
meditative music and Children's recordings.


Job's The Stringless YoYo video is an award-winning look at McCarthyism via interview clips of Harvy Matusow and Senator Joseph McCarthy. This is a recent 1990's production intended for schools and a younger generation unfamiliar with the McCarthy House UnAmerican communist hearings of the 1950s.

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