This is an interactive auto-biographical experiment, in progress as of August 1997

This is a book in progress, being shared online in the hopes of getting feedback on what folks really want to know about or see in the book. And to open up the opportunity fo voices other than Harvey's to comment on his life, for opposiong points of view, alternate memories of the events covered here, and anything that can make this book a more interestinga nd useful project. We'd like to see it used for classes about american history, and to also see it be a fun book to read.


Why Cockyboo?


This is about more than one man's life so far, it's also a project about the world, about you and what you want to know about the significant events of the last 73 years Harvey has lived through. This on-line book project covers many historical events and people, as seen through the eyes of someone who has experienced it first hand. We're asking for your comments, questions or memories about the topics we cover here. If there's significant interest we hope to develop timelines, character profiles, and summaries of significant events. Job welcomes feedback and questions and we hope to include papers, features, photos and more. If you have historical info or artifacts related to the content here and would like to share it please get in touch.

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