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Date: Wed, 7 Oct 1998 17:35:40 +0200
To: Christoph Wassner <>
From: The Philm Freax Digital Press Office! <>
Subject: Re: spot the loony !
Cc: 12 other recipients of original deleted by Freax for the sake of privacy.

At 14:19 +0200 7/10/98, Christoph Wassner wrote about spot the loony !:
>who is the loony on the right of this picture from the glorious LORD BRAIN?
>is it mr.hyde,
>is it specialagent mulder,
>is it the blindman in the darkness (vgl. lyrics of LordBrain)
>or is it just another penner, who tries to get something from the beer, you
>nearly cant see in the right edge of the picture???
>write your comments and suggestions and the label of the beer on:
>LORD BRAIN-homepage:
>and win one of 100.000 extorbitant extraterrestric souvenirs from outer
>space !
>Attachment converted: Philm Freax's Hard Drive:bild05loon.jpg (JPEG/JVWR) (000D7F24)[66K]

It has been discovered that you are displaying a photograph belonging to me
on one of your pages.

I'm writing to ask that you remove the image.

It is under copyright and you are breaking the law by having it on your
page at without my permision.

Please inform me of your intentions within 48 hours.

 - Phil Franks


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