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What you're looking for has been stolen!

Because of the alarming increase in unauthorised use of Phil Franks's Frank Zappa photos on the web you are requested, nay required, to read and accept the terms of his Copyright Disclaimer.

The photos on the Philm Freax: Frank Zappa page you came looking for are part of Phil's personal collection of photos taken by him and scanned from his original negatives for you to view and enjoy here on this website. We are tired of finding our work used without permission.

One site we have found even says,

"Here are some pics for you!!!! YAAAAAAY!!!! take them! Use them! Love them!"

That's very nice and altruistic and all that jazz but, the fact of the matter is they ain't that person's photos to give away, they belong to Phil!

. . . then there are these kind of people too:

"Okay, I surfed through the Net and I crabbed (sic) a lot of pictures from many sites. So next time when I quench myself and walk through the immense wires full of data, I will stock up this page. So feel free to copy all pictures you want. Click on the small one and you will get it as big as possible."

We're sorry that you have to spend time reading this and the Copyright page before we show you Phil's photos of Frank Zappa but we really don't want to hear any more excuses, apologies and people telling us they're "only fans" and don't mean no harm. In any language it's theft! Reading this will take you less time than loading any of those pirate sites; we know, we've done it.

We want to be sure you understand because like Frank Zappa himself once said:

"Stupidity has a certain charm, ignorance does not."

At the bottom of this page you will find a link to the Copyright page, go there, read it and look for the link to the Frank Zappa page. We've tried to keep it fun to read but we're deadly serious, use the other links to learn more.

By clicking on that link you accept the terms and conditions that apply to ALL material on this website.

If you see these or any other Phil Franks/Philm Freax photos on your travels around the WWW please send Phil the URL of the site. You will be rewarded!

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