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No Bullshit!

"... What I also love about this site is the combination of Phil's photographic work with his anecdotes about the sessions, amazing to read who was there just hanging around!!!

There is an incredible warmth about this site, a rare glimpse of the real counter culture!!!!"

No-Bullshit.co.uk Site of the Week, w/e 23/04/2000
Reviewed by Bobby

Freax-o-Matic Roto-Rama Presents the Philm Freax Archives. Uh... well, this claims to be a photography archive, but it's really a highly amusing cautionary tale illustrating why hippies should not be allowed access to computers. Ever. No exceptions.


Here are some pics for you!!!! YAAAAAAY!!!! Take them! Use them! Love them! PS- Phil Franks is a gimp. Just thought I'd share that with all of you... Here's a question... if you DON'T want people to use things that you oh-so-steathily post on a VERY PUBLIC institution (i.e. the INTERNET), why the hell would you even THINK to put them there in the first place?? I can understand how someone would want to preserve their pride and their wonderful work, and because of my understanding of this, I can see why the crafty Mr. Franks would send me his very heartwarming and thoughtful email. BUT!! He did not have to act like a complete and total asshole in doing so. "The problem is compunded [sic] by your behaviour and the others from whose webpages you downloaded my work. "I DIDN'T KNOW THEY WERE YOUR PICTURES, FUCKFACE... I WAS GIVEN THEM BY A FRIEND WHO KNOWS OF MY APPRECIATION FOR FRANK ZAPPA... and no, i don't have the time, nor the interest to find out just exactly where all of the pictures I am given originate, I do have other things to do... SO. In conclusion... Phil Franks is a gimp. Thanks for listening... now someone's going to try to sue me for calling him names...
do you have a copyright for that, Phil??

Lisa Macdonald

"You may have upset a few people, but you've never ripped anybody off."

Simon Prestwich
Audio Engineer to the whole world and his brother.
a.k.a "Simon Sandwich"

"Sleep deprivation does strange things to people."

Malcolm Humes

"electron wasting drivel"


"When are you going to get a haircut and look for a proper job?"

Sam Franks
Phil/m's dad 1970

"I am a mean old git, just ask Lemmy... I have to buy them!... EMI will sell them to us at £8.85p each... however I will get the 14 members to have a whip-round for a copy (of the X-ISOS CD) for you..."

Douglas Smith
Hawkwind's Manager

"For someone so pissed off I must say you do it with a most original style, consider your self as good as off the list. Sorry to bother you! Peace."

Muhammad Nassor Bey

"Por favor, le rogamos nos vuelva a enviar su consulta, ya que no hemos podido abrir el enclosed."
(Please send your query again as we were unable to open the attachment.)

Apple Computer España, S.A.
(This message was created and sent using the Cyberdog Mail System)

"There are two Windows machines nearby so maybe they are infecting us!"
Yvonne Throgmorton, <yvonne@apple.com>
Quality Engineer, Cyberdog Team
Apple Computer, Inc.


Assassin Soniqué
<sonique@sonique dot net>

"We'll give you some bread when the next album's out, man"

A well known rock group, 1971
(... well guys?)

"Methedrine is great for riots!"
Mick Farren
Trafalgar Square, 1970, Pink Fairies concert.

"If ever you decide to join our coven we'll call you Bacchus!"
Maxine Sanders
Queen of White Witches, UK.

"There's nothing unusual about your condition... it's just that it's not usually seen in people that are still alive!"

Phil/m's doctor

"... And to finish, an interesting address. Philm Freax is a pseudonym for Phil Franks. A photographer who worked for the one and only Rolling Stone magazine and exhibits at http://metalab.unc.edu/mal/MO/philm/ an impressive collection of images, artists and personalities of the '70s from Andy Warhol to MC5, through Pamela Des Barres. Furthermore, in http://www.arrakis.es/~philm/rant.html he states the declaration of principles and defence of the Net as a tool for communication that I, in months of writing this section, have not been able to express more clearly."

Andres Guevara

from "evasión", the internet section of
La Verdad
Murcia, Spain
Sábado 22 de febrero de 1997

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