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Henri Cartier-Bresson
"As far as I am concerned, taking photographs is a means of understanding which cannot be separated from other means of visual expression. It is a way of shouting, of freeing oneself, not of proving or asserting one's own originality. It is a way of life."

Jeanloup Sieff - Retrospective
Another great master of black and white photography.

street photos+
seasonaly adjusted select showings by Greg Allikas.

Robert Altman
NOT the the film director, but THE veteran rock photographer... see what Rob did this week and check out his gallery!

"Churches ad hoc"
an offbeat look at churches in America, and other photo essays.
Philm and Robert both agree that this is one "very clever and talented gent".

RedTop - Photography online
The site for photography & photojournalism on the web.

Ankiewicz Studios................Photos, Paintings, and Design
Kristen Ankiewicz presents her photography, offers free e-cards and much more. Make sure you check out those "Interactive and frolicking monsters" and remember... The OOGA BOOGA shirts are ready to order!

*The Random Mask Generator-ver 0.9*
Gregory's incredible mask machine... still time to add your facial parts! (maybe)

Jef Morlan
spectacular digital bijouterie, technobaroque - how does he do it?
... DigitalSnargphlap perhaps?

This is IT... the new home page from jef'n'gael, phil & lola are in here somewhere too.

Sustainable New Arts Research Group

Orchid Photo Page
beautifully fine imaging and elegant presentation of these wonders of nature.

David Larcher
this guy was creating films and photos back then in the '60s with minimal means, now see his work on the WWW.

drZox's home page
the amaZing docZ.

Acorn Mush
oMEGa woman, Web Godess, creator of great oak trees.

erotic exotics
Hurry before it's censored!

0;0;0 |%20jodi.org
µ ± Ç | : þ/ ÿ' ø ¤\? ¬

Biblioteque Bajazzo
Drop by and experience Arthur's show of online multimedia web art web art web art web art web art web art...

The Distorted Barbie had it coming.
So when lawyers from Mattell™ put the heavies onto Mark Napier's ISP she became The Dï$tØrtëD Børbie to avoid costly legal battles. While the net began to buzz with the news mirror sites of The Uncencensored Distorted Barbie sprung up all over the place. It's an ongoing battle of David and Goliath and you can get the details at The Daily Barbie™

It's that Mark Napier again showing that his talent don't need no Pink Plastic Thing™ to lean on!

The Digital Landfill
Don't litter your hard drive with spam and unwanted digital detritus . . . take it along to the Digital Landfill - the internet's first re-cycling center for web generated garbage!

flow (semiotic eye candy)
semi-despotic hypertextual hallucinations, not for epileptics and those of an unimaginative disposition

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The Amsterdam-based all girl band Bitchcock not only play kick-ass music ("Is it pop with a sloppy edge, elaborate grunge-rock with a psychedelic touch, or should we call it emotionally charged rock & roll with an element of noise?") they also have downloadable samples for you to hear on your computer.
They deserve your support so buy their CD!
Book them into a gig in your town!

Sandy Bull Music on CD
Hear extracts from Sandy's CDs and read bios and reviews. Have you seen Philm Freax's Sandy Bull page or read the Friends interview?

"The Rough Guide to Rock Music is the ultimate online rock guide - reviewing the careers and recordings of over 1100 bands and artists. Published in book form in October 1996, it was developed over the previous year on these pages - and it remains, in its online form, a work in progress..."

Progressive Rock
the A to Z of good music.

The First Church of Chumbawamba
Their manager says they are "One of the great cult acts of the UK if not the world" but then he would wouldn't he? Philm got to see them play in Spain and was most impressed. It's a pity the festival security apes wouldn't let him in with his camera but it was a memorable show anyway.
"If you remember us for just one thing we'd like you to remember we are an anti-fascist band!", they said.

A is for The Alvin Lee Fan Club USA (but it's international really)
Ten Years After... 25 years later and still rocking. You get all the latest breaking news here, how to get the fanzine and links to keep you international fans surfin' all night long!

Summer of Love 30th Anniversary Celebration
~ A gathering of the tribes ~
October 12, 1997 from 10 am to 6 pm in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park.

Country Joe McDonald
We gave him an "F", we gave him a "U"... we knew that smell and when the war ended, as it had to, Joe's involvment didn't stop, nor has his music... he's around, hacking his Mac and giving it all out. Check out Joe's home on the web!

Perfect Sound Forever: music e-zine
Warped perspectives on music, straight from the gut

The Fountain of Salmacis
Maurizio Caritá's Genesis website with some interesting links to lose youself even more.

Debra Kadabra Homepage
Italian Frank Zappa fanzine and website, plenty to read in English too and Alessandro Pizzin's Italian translation of Phil's comments about the "Chunga's Revenge" session and Miss Pamela for all you Italian surfers with another [gasp!] unpublished Phil Franks photo... Ciao raggazzi, ci'vediamo laggiù e grazie Sandro!

Lutz Bojasch - Frank Zappa Galerie
Lutz emailed me a photo of Frank Zappa at concert in Berlin, Germany a long time ago. I told him he should put his work on the net and I'm glad to say that's just what he's done.

The best concert photos I've seen of FZ!

The Official Vivian Stanshall web site produced by the ginger geezer's family. Need I say more?

The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band
an extensive source of information on the Bonzos and the remarkable Mr. Vivian Stanshall.

Brian Eno home - EnoWeb
"Eno is renowned for the length of his name"

Aymeric Leroy's Canterbury pages, bios and interviews, gig lists and reviews.

Recommended Records
Phil Zampino's ReR discographies of Henry Cow and much more from my phriend and amigo philz the squidman.

THE Pink Floyd Archives
Certainly the most comprehensive PF site to be seen anywhere on the net, if it's not here it doesn't exist yet!

If it ain't STIFF it ain't worth a fuck!
"Killing time murders success", so said the clock on the wall in Jake Riviera's office.

~Soniqué's Hawkwind Pages
In the Vortex up and down have no meaning... go get lost in the Assassin's site full of up to the minute news, reviews and links to the HawkWorld.

Sonic Bilby ~ Prog/Ambient/Space Rock Mail Order!
You can trust the Bilby to give you a good deal, tell him Philm sent you.

Hawkwind: Welcome to the Future
Back online after a while "lost in the vortex", the Oh-Fishul HW website.

Hawkwind Mission Control
Dave Brock's very own personal web site

Hawkwind News: An open Letter From Doug Smith
That ol' Dougie on the war path again...
He's an evil bugger when he gets going!!!

Robert Calvert
Knut Gerwers' Robert Calvert site is a fascinating, dense and absorbing experience. Even if you don't know who Mr. Calvert was and don't care, these pages are full of stimulating and often unexpected links to other worlds, in some way or another related to the man that was the myth, the myth that was that man Bob Calvert.

North-German HAWKFAN *Free* Festival
13th - 15th June featuring Nik Turner and The Moor, Knut Gerwers reading Calvert, Alan Davey, videos, bratwürst, beer and much more... check for details!

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phil/m's handiwork at other sites
Breakin' News !


Philm Freax: No-Bullshit Site of the Week!
The Philm Freax Archive awarded No Bullshit Site of The Week (week ending 23/04/2000) in an "open and honest" review. Who wants to argue with "There is an incredible warmth about this site..."? Not us, blimey! We're wondering what we have to do to earn enough bulldogs to win a pair of Union Jack underpants. . .

Summer of Love ~ Heads-up!
Summer of Love Creative Director & Webmaster Robert Altman liked Phil's pic of the late Derek Taylor enough to use it on his tribute to him here on this special website.

an exploration of the daily life & thoughts of a global community.

Philm Freax in Spanglish!
Do you really want to rebuild your desktop file?
Have your desktop file rebuilt while you read some press about Phil/m in Spanish, giggle at his private thoughts and read some poetry written by his friend Patricio Bernadeu.

Scrolling Fun!
Some wacky ASCII art rendered into HTML by that Philm phellow.

Phil Franks: Obras Sin-Teticas!
... it's all in the eye of the beholder you know!

WebWise <> ArtSites
A Multimedia Project Co-presented by Goethe-Institut Hong Kong and Center for the Arts, HK University of Science and Technology.

this is all kinda new too...

Philm Freax in Italian!
Here you'll find another one of Philm's previously unpublished pix of Frank Zappa from the Chunga's Revenge session accompanying the Oh-Fishul Italian translation of Phil's notes on his meeting with Frank and Miss Pamela Des Barres.
A Debra Kadabra / Philm Freax Exclusivo!

Philm Freax in Spanish!
Don Lope, of the world famous Los Marañones, hosts Phil's Chunga's Revenge yarn in Spanish!

Robert Wyatt interview
"Richie Unterberger (contributing editor for All Music Guide and Rough Guide to Music, former editor of Option Magazine and editor of music and travel sections of the Whole Earth Catalog) interviewed Robert Wyatt on November 18, 1996 for his upcoming book on unknown legends of rock, which will profile 60 of the most interesting cult acts of rock history, from the 1950's through the 1980's. The book is scheduled to be published by Miller Freeman in early 1998."

Get your preview of the book at the very groovy Perfect Sound Forever website and see another previously unseen Phil Franks photo.

The AlienFlower Poetry Workshop Online Class, Tom Williams
Janan Platt's poetry site is probably not where you'd expect to see a photo by philm, maybe that's why it's there.

~Soniqué's Hawkwind Gallery
Ancient Hawkwind snaps in the growing ~Soniqué Gallery.

Collaborations of Robert Calvert
Phil Franks photos of the Pink Fairies, not yet here on Phil's oh-phishul site.

The George Shilling Home Page
George and the lovely Fé were my neighbours in London the last time I lived there, George had just produced the chart topping record by Yazz, "The Only Way Is Up". Surf in and see what one of Britain's leading Sonic Architects is doing now.

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phil/m's surphin' & tangents


Mr. Doobie Welcomes You!!!
To do is to be, to be is to do, doobie doobie dooh yeah!
philm's buddy billy is constantly adding his insights and views on the most important things in life in his own special way to his snappy website here.
Although we don't like to boast too much about it we are
very proud to be in such good company amongst Billy's Wild Fan Contest Winners!
... nice line in T- shirts too, doobie dooh... toot toot!

Both sides of the Fence
Barry Fitton & Joke Kaviaar Performance poets Amsterdam

Amazing Oggz color morphing portable lights
Oggz are colorful lamps that morph and change colors. Oggz can be used at home as decorative mood lighting or as portable rechargeable toys for concerts, raves, picnics, nightlights and much more.

Literary Kicks
Levi Asher's beautifully designed and frequently updated pages are the web site par exellence for anything and everything to do with beat poetry. Be sure to see Levi's Notes From The Underground - a CD-ROM movie starring The New York City Chapter of AntiWeb.Org!

Private Eye - Online
The original, incorrigible, satirical and ever so British pebble in the shoe of the the honky Establishment. Online for your amusement.

Daniel Platt-Saylor's Cars for Kids
Daniel started his website when he was eight years old, he'll be eleven in July and can hardly wait for his driver's licence. . .
I think his mom helps out just a little with the HTML.

Ms. Jody N.Cline's pages are a real breath of country air in cyberspace, no animals have been harmed in the making of this site and it provides another sneaky way in to The Posi-Web.

Like come on already!

Hashish Fudge
Yeah well, talking 'bout drugs... this here "The Times Advertisement and the Wootton Report" is fascinating reading on the report into cannabis use by a UK Government Committee in 1969.

Stephen Abrams was Head of the Soma Research Association and Joint-Managing Director of Avalon Botanicals from 1967 to 1970. He was the author of the Soma advertisement in The Times (see above link) and a witness before the Wootton Sub-Committee. This summary revised August 1997 documents the continuing debate on the cannabis laws in Britain.

The William S. Burroughs Files
"An electronic reference guide to works of William Seward Burroughs, his literary works, recordings, film, video appearances, samples, and other publications."

a living, breathing and ever growing William S. Burroughs Web Memorial
A place to share your thoughts, feelings and stories about William S. Burroughs and what his work meant to you.

BYRON 4D's Home Page
from the man who once said, "If it's them against us, I'm fucking glad it's me." - Mick Farren's ever evolving web site!

Knut Gerwer's Latest Browser Basher!
All things Calverterian... or is it Calvertesque? Knut's fast track way in to very latest updates to his site.

It's the electric Cheese page!
I eat loads of this stuff although I've never asked anyone to say it for a photo. Did you think it was just something to melt onto a pizza or eat in sandwiches?

The Birdhouse Arts Collective
image jugglers, word weavers, scanner abusers, an aviary of vibrant multicolored birds of a feather. It's positively -+-squïshy-+-

The Archive of Misheard Lyrics
You've been singing that song to yourself for years when all of a sudden one day you realise you got the words terribly and hilariously wrong. It's happenned to most of us and here's where those bloopers find a home on the net. Chortle at the entries in the archive and confess your own sins.

BeatBooks - Specialists in Rare and Used Books
Beat books and period ephemera available online at modest prices.

komnino's site
... komnino writes poetry that your computer will speak at you...
what you say?... you don't have a Mac!
Don't panic, there's stuff for you Windozers too.

Joly, who I've always known as Joly, has a great site to get lost in... check out his pins!

The Word Wizard
just in case you've avoided our cunning hypertext links to this site so far here it is again. Go get some verbal edification, education and perhaps even teach the WordWiz something he didn't know.

The Hackney Empire
A unique piece of the history of theatre being lovingly restored in Phil's old stamping grounds, check out the site, lend them a hand if you can.

The Old Hippie's Home Page
surf on in to the sounds of the Grateful Dead and take your time exploring this cool site.

The Psychedelic Experience
The gospel according to Saint Timothy ... the tripper's handbook.

NIZKOR: We Will Remember
This web site is dedicated to the memory of the millions who met a horrible death at the hands of the Nazi regime and to combat the growing campaign of revisionism that attempts to deny this ever even happened. Take a deep breath, choke back the tears, read the indisputable evidence if you need to. Show your support and remember that unless we keep remembering those who would have us forget would also have it all happen again. We Will Remember!

Abbie Hoffman Links
A lot of good links and a nice look too.

Web Poison
Last but by no means least, if you hate Spam as much as we do and you have a website then just paste this URL into your pages somewhere and help choke up those pesky robots that harvest our email addresses!

. . . and when you do get the stuff, take it along to these guys:

SpamCop.net - Spam reporting for the masses

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