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Linking to Philm Freax

Wanna help us get the word out to other potential friends of Freax?

So you're thinking of linking? Feel free to link to any page in the Philm Freax universe, whether it's Frank Zappa, The Grateful Dead, Vivian or Woody... or the guestbook...

We like it best if you make a link to the main page too, something like:

Frank Zappa at Philm Freax

but it's up to you to do as you please... We've even got a nice little Freax button below which you can steal if you want a graphical link.

You may download this ugly little icon here to paste onto your page... or simply copy this HTML gobbledegook into your source doc.

To put a graphical freaxicon-link on your page, add this HTML code:

<A HREF="http://www.ibiblio.org/mal/MO/philm/"><IMG SRC="http://www.ibiblio.org/mal/MO/philm/freaxicon.jpg" WIDTH="72" HEIGHT="54" ALT="[The Philm Freax Archive... oh yeah!]" BORDER="0"></A>

And it'd look something like this:


or save the pic locally and change the URL to point to your copy so it loads faster and all from your site.

Tell us you dig Freax enough to put a link on your website or homepage, just so we know.


  • don't pilfer graphics from our site!

    Except for the Freax Icon we get pretty unhappy seeing our work used or abused. Feel free to ask us for permissions but please don't surprise us by ripping off our work and copyrighted images.

  • don't pester us to "swap links"!

    If we like your site we'll link to it, if we feel like it or when we get the time. If you sign the guestbook and leave a link the odds are we will have a poke and add you to our links list anyway.

Thanks! We love you. Really! Come back for more anytime. Bring a friend. Tell your mother!


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