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As of April 28th. 2000 at 01:21 UTC

No Bulls**t!

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The Philm Freax Archive awarded No Bullshit Site of The Week (week ending 23/04/2000) in an "open and honest" review. Who wants to argue with "There is an incredible warmth about this site..."? Not us, blimey! We're wondering what we have to do to earn enough bulldogs to win a pair of Union Jack underpants. . .

~ philm

September 30th. 1999 at 21:55 UTC

February 15th. 1999 at 05:05 UTC

  • Updated the Elton John page adding a photo in colour from the session for Paul Gambaccini's 1973 Rolling Stone piece, there's a link on through to an interview with Elton three years previous to that for Friends magazine called Elton John - The Radio One Hype which includes some pretty wacky pix of Elton with a beard.

January 31st. 1999 at 00:05 UTC

January 19th. 1999 at 13:05 UTC

  • Still recovering from the celebrations, we hope you all have a very happy 1999!

October 16th 1998 at 00:01 UTC

  • It was a rare pleasure to receive email from Sandy Bull and to chat a while about old times. What cosmic synchronicity that the Friends interview hit the streets exactly 28 years ago to the day!
  • What is it with the number 16?

October 8th 1998 at 17:15 UTC

October 2nd 1998 at 00:01 UTC

  • Hey... SunSITE.UNC.edu are featuring us as one of their selections of the month!

October 1st 1998 at 00:01 UTC

  • Added gig review and photo by Patrick Neylan-Francis to the Edgar Broughton page.

June 11th 1998 at 17:55 UTC

June 5th 1998 at 17:34 UTC

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