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New stuph for a Summer of Love!
(WARNING: Includes shamelessly self-promotional material!)

on the 4th of October 1997 13:25 (GMT)
Philm Freax

Phil was deeply saddened to hear the news of the untimely passing of Derek Taylor, we present a tribute to one of the nicest men you could ever have wished to meet.

THE PHILM FREAX DIGITAL ARCHIVE, now enhanced with Infoseek Ultra's intelligent search engine is also available in Spanglish with music, bullfighters and more surprises.

Be sure to see Freax site producer Malcolm Humes's new project; Harvey Job Matusow's Stringless Yo Yo, an online literary experiment.

Don't miss Phil's new play-room and his constantly evolving Spanglish pages, check out Phil's current mood, scroll around a little and do be sure to come back often!

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  • Catch it while you can! Summer of Love 30th Anniversary Celebration - October 12, 1997 from 10 am to 6 pm in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. Check out the Summer of Love ~ Heads-up!
  • Coming Soon: The Freax website may be featured in a new book, "HTML No Experience Required" by Janan Platt and E. Stephen Mack and even if it isn't these guys are still my friends and the book will be invaluable to anyone thinking of trying their hand at building their own webpages.

    BE WARNED: HTML can be addictive!

  • Ongoing goings on: OVATION - The Arts Network is using a Phil Franks photo of Ronnie Scott in a cable TV production and offline promotion of it's TV series on historic performances at Ronnie Scott's Club.
  • 23rd of May - June 1st: VideoFest transmedia '97 featured some very cool webartists at their Multimedia exhibition, complete with installations and 20 computers online, we were very flattered to be invited to participate.
  • 5th. of May: SUCK: Daily ran a particularly fine Suck feature on the rise and rise of King Richard the IV in the Great Britain of the '90s incorporating a thumbnail link to our very own Richard Branson page.
    Thanks guys... you sent our stats through the roof that day!
    Be sure ya'll come back soon now ya hear?
  • 18 - 19 April: The Mestizo Arts Collective went online for 24 hours in cyberspace and as these guys all live right around the corner from Philm's physical location he participated by contributing his "Obras Sin-Teticas!". Mal couldn't keep his mouse hand still either and before we knew it he'd publicly unveiled for the first time his online Sci-Fi paperback, "The Mystery of the Chrome Donuts of Murcia".
    [if you nag him nicely he'll add some more installments soon <g>]
    Philm also spruced up his Spanglish site for the occasion finally adding some pages in English and bringing the work of his friend, the Murcian poet Patricio Bernadeau to the WWW... more to come soon.
  • 1st. of April: The Perfect Sound Forever website used a previously unpublished Phil Franks photo (with permission of course!) of Robert Wyatt with an excerpt from an excellent Robert Wyatt interview carried out by Richie Unterberger for his forthcoming book.
  • 21 March to 10 April: Philm was virtually in Hong Kong! ... Knut "VideoFest" Gerwers (remember him?) curated and organised WebWise <> ArtSites. A Multimedia Project Co-presented by Goethe-Institut Hong Kong and Center for the Arts, HK University of Science and Technology. This exhibition showcased European premieres of interactive CD ROM and internet projects including a special presentation of the Freax/Franks/Friends website. It took place at the Exposition Hall, University of Science and Technology from 21 March to 10 April 1997 and there was a dedicated terminal for each project, so that visitors could explore the different webworks individually.
    Admission was FREE.
  • 11th. of March: Alessandro Pizzin put his Italian translation of Philm's reminiscences of the "Chunga's Revenge" shoot and his encounters with Miss Pamela Des Barres and Frank Zappa online at his Debra Kadabra Homepage.

What was new too
as of 19th of December 1996 06:10am (GMT)

The cat's out of the bag!

After 6 months or so of endlessly tweaking pages and doing site prototypes and redesigns Philm and company have thrown it all open, casting caution to the winds and actually taken down the old "preview" note.

The new randomized rotating Freax-o-rama front door is in place, the new features are loose and though there's still a ton of work to do on new and pending features... well, we're open now and ready to party!!! Champagne, anyone? Make sure you sign the guestbook before you get too carried away!

Even Philm himself doesn't know what has yet to be unearthed in some of those time-capsule trunks he buried all these memories in.

Needless to say, the pages you see here are subject to change without warning and are likely under re-construction for the rest of eternity as we pull new features out of thin air and meddle with what we've already done. We're also using our patented Roto-Rama front door to give the illusion we're working hard even when we slack off for weeks at a time. Most of this material waited 20 years or more to get here and our highly evolved work ethics and sense of craftsmanship prevent us from rushing things or forcing anything online before it's ready. :^)

Our Phil Franks Gallery sister site is a tribute to someone who might be Phil's manager, mentor, alter ego or twin brother who was kidnapped by aliens -- we always get a different answer every time we ask! Anyway, even though Phil won't tell us what he was doing in Italy, New York, New England we've got a few galleries of circumstantial evidence to prove he was there.

Friends/Frendz Magazine seems to be growing into a site of its own as more and more old friends are coming out of the woodwork. We're rolling out additional extracts of Jonathon Green's interview manuscripts from Days in the Life as soon as we can, there's just so much of it that we're swimming in ideas and potential features, assuming anyone is interested. Let us know if you'd like to see more of this.

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