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Derek Taylor

1932 - 1997

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"The first time I met Derek Taylor (above pic) was to photograph him for a piece in Friends magazine. The paper hadn't been running very long and I didn't have a lot of experience of working with big-time movers 'n' groovers, I arrived alone. Derek went out of his way to make me feel comfortable, I knew his job was PR and public image and he was good at his job -- he made sure I got good pictures of him but more than anything I went away from that session with a bounce in my step. I felt I'd met a really fine human being and that the music business wasn't all hype and glitter, this guy shared the vision that we could change the world through music, peace and love.

Some time later, while I was freelancing regularly for Rolling Stone's London Office, I shot these last photos at Apple Corps. in Saville Row, Derek remembered me and I was happy to have the chance to spend some time with him again because I knew I'd come away feeling good, I also felt more confident doing my job and that meant he could really relax this time and do what he did best... just being with other people."

[Photos © Phil Franks]

"When, in a generation or so, a radio-active, cigar-smoking child, picnicking on Saturn, asks you what the Beatle affair was all about -- 'Did you actually know them?' -- don't try to explain all about the long hair and the screams! Just play the child a few tracks from this album and he'll probably understand what it was all about. The kids of AD 2000 will draw from the music the same sense of well being and warmth as we do today."

~ Derek Taylor, 1964, from the liner notes of Beatles For Sale.

[Photos © Phil Franks]
"... see ya later Derek and thanks for your time man!"

The full text of Apple's official obituary and biography is here.

The book, As Time Goes by: Living in the Sixties, by Derek Taylor. In association with Amazon.co.uk


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