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Wot's this? Our mythical hero, Philm Freax, rumored to be an alter ego of Phil Franks, was running round in the 60's and 70's smack in the middle of a tangle of soon to be musical giants, movie stars, celebrities and hippie freaks. Some of these pics were originally shot for Rolling Stone, Friends, Frendz or other UK underground papers but much of what's here is unpublished. Philm is pulling old negatives out of boxes still and a lot of what's here is just the tip of the iceberg.

We're listing some things here that are not yet online and we aren't sure when they will be. There's likely to be a lot more eventually uncovered than what you see listed so far. Meanwhile Philm has been back at it in the summer of 1996, shooting new features on old mates Dave Brock and Nik Turner. Inquiries about publication, prints, and any re-use of these images should be directed to Phil Franks.


What's in Philm's Archives?

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Abbie Hoffmann
Alan Marcuson
Alex and Maxine Sanders
Alvin Lee
Andy Warhol
Andrew Bailey
Arabella Churchill
Archie Leggett
Arthur Brown, and his Crazy World.
Ballet Rambert, San Francisco 1971
Barney Bubbles
Bill Bruford
Brinsley Shwarz, official stills of the Tony Palmer film
Bruce Thomas
Canned Heat
Country Joe @ The Roundhouse, London.
Country Joe & the Revolution in Chile.
Daevid Allen, "Bananamoon" sleeve
Dave Brock: The Philm Freax Interviews
Dave Redom, Photographer.
Dave Swarbrick
Derek Taylor, Beatles Apple Corps.
Dr. John the night tripper
Douglas Smith, Clearwater, Hawkwind's Manager
The Druidstone
Edgar Broughton
Edward De Bono, The Lateral Thinker
Elton John, from The Rolling Stone Interview
Elton John - The Radio One Hype
Eric Clapton
Eric, The Psychedelic Tramp.
Fairport Convention
Felix Dennis
Friends/Frendz...of Rolling Stone and others.
Furry Freak Sisters
Germaine Greer, "A Groupie in Women's Lib".
Gerry F Fitzgerald: Mouseproof
Glastonbury Fayre, the Phirst!
Gong, "Camembert Electrique", "Angel's Egg", Virgin Tour.
Graham Bond reads the Tarot for Philm.
Grateful Dead @ Wembley and The Hollywood (UK) Festival.
Gypsy Prince Petolelengro Lee. Prince of the Gypsies
Hal Shaper,Music Publisher
Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare...!
Harvey Mandel
Harvey Job Matusow
Hatfield and The North
Hawkwind, "X-In Search of Space" original sleeve photos.
Help Yourself
Henry Cow
Hyde Park, Workers Rally, The Winter of Discontent.
Hyde Park, OZ Demo with John and Yoko
Incredible String Band, "U" Panto sleeve and at home in Scotland.
IOW Festival 1970
Jack Warner, Dixon of Dock Green
Jeff Beck
Jeff Dexter, DJ
Jerry Garcia
Jerry Rubin
John Cale & Nico @ The Roundhouse
John Cale in Spain, 1997
John Lennon
John Williams
Johnny Winter and Brother Edgar
Jonathon Green
Joni Mitchell
Kevin Coyne, "Marjory Razorblade" sleeve photography and design concept.
King Crimson
Lady June Campbell-Cramer
Led Zeppelin
Lemmy (pre-Mötörheäd)
Leon Brittan, Sir
Leon Russell
Little Tony Korobin
Lole y Manuel, Cante de las Minas, La Unión, Spain 1992.
Lord Litchfield, Photographer
Mad/Magic Michael
Martin Carthy
Melina Mercouri
Mick Farren, Social Deviant, poet/author
Mick Taylor
Miles Davis
Muddy Waters
Nicky Hepworth
Nicky the Witch
Nico & John Cale @ The Roundhouse
Nik Turner
Norman Mailer
Open Road
Oz: Mail Order T-Shirts
Oz: Reader's Wives
Oz: Obscenity Trial and Demos.
Oz: Various including Police Bust and Felix Dennis NUDE (Aaargh... Phfteeew!)
Pamela Des Barres/Miller
Patti Hafferkamp
Peter Gabriel
Pink Fairies
Pierre Moerlen
Pink Floyd @ The Roundhouse.
Quiver, "Gone in the morning" album sleeve.
"Release Busted": Caroline Coon, Rolling Stone Inside Front Cover.
Richard Branson, Sir: Tycoon, Hot Air Balloonist, ex-hippie.
Richard Neville
Robert B. Greenfield, Author, Journalist, Screen Writer, Playwright.
Robert Wyatt
Rolling Stones
Ronnie Scott @ Ronnie Scott's
Rosetta Hightower
Rosie Boycott
Sandy Bull @ my house.
Sandy Bull - the Friends interview
Sandy Denny
Stanislav Demijuk
Steeleye Span
Steve Hillage
Stevie Winwood
Stonehenge, Winter Solstice 1970
Taj Mahal
Ten Years After
The Adverts, "One Chord Wonder",Design Award winning maxi-single sleeve by Barney Bubbles.
The Marquess of Bath, then Viscount Weymouth.
The Sutherland Brothers, with and without Quiver.
Tim Renwick
Tiny Tim
Tom Donahue
Uschi Obermaier and Rainer Langhans
Vivian Stanshall
Wayne Bardell
The Who
Woody Allen
Yes, "The YES Album" sleeve and sessions.
Zappa, Frank, "Chunga's Revenge" and unpublished photos.


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