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Harvey Job speaks out

Friends 24 February 22 1971

by Harvey Job Matusow

Mutilation, castration, torture - whoopee, Amerika has come of age - it's all happening there in goodie goodie land, California. Under California's Mentally Disordered Sex Offender Act, anyone at all who is suspected of committing a sex crime can be salted away at Atascadero State Hospital and kept there until "cured". Let's not forget that in California sex acts other than solitary masturbation and a married couple fucking with men on top are defined as "sex crimes".

Most of those are being castrated under the California law are homosexuals, but not all. One heteroxexual was a young man caught committing an "unnatural sex crime against nature" with his girlfriend in a parked automobile on a secluded road.

Another was committed because a woman complained he had "felt her ass" in a crowded lift.

In California, any act of violence not for gain or vengeance is also considered a sex crime - like if you throw a brick through a window and don't steal anything - they can lock you up and cut it off...

The State Department of Mental Hygiene admits to over 19,000 involuntary "sterilizations" having taken place to date. One judge from San Diego by the name of Turrentile boasted to Time Magazine of ordering 60 castrations, and another one from Los Angeles who just retired claims credit for 41.

Although no judge or other official has the power to order involuntary castration, Section 65 of the State Penal Code provides that an operation "for the prevention of procreation" may be forceably imposed on anyone found by state doctors to be a "mentally disordered sex offender" or who is convicted of certain sex crimes (remember the brick through the window gambit).

California law provides for "indeterminate" prison sentences - know in the trade as "a pen-in-deaf bit" - which means that once they have you, they keep you until the Parole Board doesn't usually set release dates for sex offenders - which means simply that a sex offender is put away for life...

... Sooo... when you're charged under the act they remind you that you might be put away for life, or be sent to a mental hospital like Atascadero, also for life - unless you agree to sign the papers to allow them to castrate you.

Don Jackson, writing in the East Village Other said he knew a boy from Pasadena who enjoyed watching ladies at their bath - he was arrested one night and charged with "disturbing the peace", a minor offence, but under the threat of life in a mental hospital thrown at him by a Pasadena judge he agreed to get castrated.

Another, a 24 year old UCLA law student, was charged with "child molestation". That was the charge, but the fact was that he was gay and had a 16 year old boy lover - no matter, he took the knife instead of life...

A Bakersfield businessman who bought pretty sweaters for teenage girls who let him kiss them also went the castration route.

Yet most psychiatrists say that castration is worthless as "treatment" for sexual deviation, since sexual differences are in the mind, not in the sex organs.


There is a racial bomb about to explode in the face of the American military in Europe. Racial tension in Germany, and to a smaller degree here at US bases in the UK, is about to explode and the military brass don't quite know what to do. It would be simple to solve their problem: why don't they just do away with the military.

In Vietnam two weeks ago, one white Major was exploded to death and another white Major wounded - both of them had gone into a black enlisted man's tent where there was some loud music, and told the brothers to turn it off - "there's a war going on here, what are you black bastards doing listening to music or some conversation.

Black brothers didn't say anything, but used the old commonplace Vietnam ploy of just blasting the trouble away - a trick they learned at government expense, but were only supposed to use on unarmed villagers. They call it "fragging".

And in October 1970 at Chu Lai 2,100 black and white GIs had a shoot up in an enlisted men's club at which one white GI was killed and other white soldiers were charged with conspiring to kill blacks.

But, who knows, soon may be there won't be any US military - according to the Pentagon, draft law violations have risen twelvefold in the past five years. The week after the Kent State murders, over fifty percent of those called up to service didn't turn up.

Nomination for - "Who shall we kill with love this week" is our great and illustrious booksellers, W H Smith. Smith's, who to date have refused to carry underground publications, as well as almost any decent book - well, they should not be hated or despised - what we should all do is bring love to their shops. On February 15th, everyone should bring to the W H Smith bookshop nearest their home any and all old books - the nice, romantic fiction of their granny's day - and say to the manager - "Here, kind sir, I have with love in my heart brought you all the rubbish I could find - it should go well with what you're now selling."

This is for February 15th, and then on March 1st, and on the first of every month thereafter...

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