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These pages tell some of the history of Friends/Frendz magazine, 1969-1972, through interviews with people who were part of it making it happen. Also included in our digital archives are some selected articles and Friends features, reproduced here with photos that Phil Franks shot to accompany them.

Friends magazine was a rebel offshoot from the UK edition of Rolling Stone back when Rolling Stone could still be considered almost an underground mag. Published by Alan Marcuson until it became Frendz, Friends was more immediately connected with the UK underground media such as OZ, IT and Time Out and in some cases folks like Philm worked for or with more than one of these publications. Political motivations varied but most of the "alternative" press then tried to be much more than just the entertainment oriented music/culture magazines and papers of today.

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or browse some selected Friends/Frendz features:

Harvey Matusow's Anti-Matter
Underground Press Syndicate: The Frost Hijack
Country Joe & The Chilean Revolution
Elton John - The Radio One Hype
Abbie Hoffman
Pamela Des Barres/Miller
The Pink Fairies
Sandy Bull

We owe a very special and heartfelt thanks to Jonathon for making his interview manuscripts available to us, and for his permission to use those excerpts here as we see fit. You will see as this corner of the site develops that Jonathon's archive is to oral history what Philm's is to images!

"Look for the pending Philm Freax OZ SPECIAL
the bust... the trial... the protests... John & Yoko...
it's all coming back to me now."

~ philm

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