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Miss Pamela Des Barres

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This week's covergirl, Miss Pamela Miller from Hollywood, USA, isn't just a pretty face and a pair of lovely long legs. She's one of the well known all girl combo - the GTOs: the Girls Together Outrageously (if the initials were baffling you).

Miss Pamela and the girls have been over in England for a quick break from recording and gigging back in the States. Masterminded by music magician Frank (Hot Rats) Zappa, her diaries, coupled with those of Chicago's Cynthia Plastercaster, will soon be on the stalls -called the Groupie Papers.

But Pamela doesn't just travel when she's on her hols. Soon it's back to the States where she and the girls are off on a three month tour, arranged by Bob Dylan's manager- Albert Grossman, and also presenting some of his artists such as Janis Joplin.


[Copyright Photos © Phil Franks]


Says Pamela, "I used to be so different -why, at High School I was even trying out for cheerleader. Then I fell in love with The Mascara Snake (that's Captain - Willie the Pimp - Beefheart's cousin, pop - freaks), he really changed my head. I'm really glad I met those people."

Just for the record Miss Pamela's fave rave, hymned on the album as the Oo-Oo Man, is Nicky St Nicholas of Steppenwolf. She really loves freaks and grooves the mostest on good ol' speed.

... Anyone want to lend her a hand?

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10 July 1970
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