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Miss Pamela Des Barres

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Chunga's Revenge. "What do a monastery in Sussex and Miss Pamela Des Barres have do with all this?"

Well, at that time the lovely Miss Pam was in London with her girl-friend, Cynthia, of the notoriously cheeky "Chicago Plaster-Casters". If you don't know who they were, just think of them as autograph-hunters, but instead of autographs they collected... well, I think you can use yer imagination here, you don't need me to explain absolutely everything do you? She showed up one day at the Friends/Frendz offices, and was duly interviewed. I did a photo-session with Pamela in the street outside, Portobello Road, for photos to accompany the piece and when I gave her prints of those pix as a gift, for personal pleasure, I also gave her some of the ones I'd shot of Frank 'cos I knew she knew him. We became friends, nothing more, she said she was clean out of plaster. Although she did add Sandy Pink Fairy to the collection, I believe.

It was at the Bath Festival that Pamela came looking for me, breathless, in the Press Enclosure saying that she had just shown the photo that I'd given her to Frank. She told me that he had said it was the best pic of himself that he had ever seen and wanted to meet me. We didn't talk much... he just said that he liked the pic a lot and would it be OK with me to use it as an album sleeve? I said, "you bet". He said his manager would contact me. End of story.

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