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Barney Bubbles

~ in memoriam ~

In the tenth second of forever I thought of the sea and a white yacht drifting.
In the ninth second of forever I remembered a warm room where voices played.
In the eighth second of forever I thought of the life I would not lead.
In the seventh second of forever I thought of a leaf a stone, a plastic fragment of a child's toy.
In the sixth second of forever I saw your mouth whispering something I could not hear.
In the fifth second of forever I thought of the vermillion deserts of Mars, the jewelled forests of Venus.
In the fourth second of forever I could remember nothing that I did not love.
In the third second of forever I thought of rain against a window, I thought of the wind.
In the second second of forever I though of a pair of broken shades lying on the tarmac.
In the first and final second of forever I thought of the long past that led to now and never. . . never. . .

from the Hawkwind Log - verses by Robert Calvert

[Photo © Phil Franks]


For more information and previously unseen documentation and images than you'll find in any book currently available on the legendary Barney go see Barney Bubbles? What a laugh. The history of Barney Bubbles, as told by a life-long friend and designer, David Wills.


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