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Uncle Phil.
We loved your site!!!The pix and stuff brought all the memories flooding back.I followed the Pink Finks from '71 right thru to Kings of Oblivion...Dancing on stage at Woolwich Poly.right next to Lazza,no heavy security idiots bustin' your head open for daring to dance!!My wife Sally and I are introducing P.F's to our teenage kids of 17 and 16 who both think PINK!!!Love to you allXXXXXXXXXXXX

Jonathan Norton(Jonno) <tastethefloor1@yahoo.co.uk>
LONDON, ENGLAND U.K. - Saturday, December 30, 2000 at 16:59:13 (EST)

Great Picture of PigPen.
Benjamin Cox <bencox3877@yahoo.com>
McGrath, AK USA - Wednesday, December 20, 2000 at 18:04:37 (EST)

My old savings bank account number still seems to be active, Iwas hoping you could check it for me. It is 525-081 from the Balgowlah Savings Branch of the Westpac Savings Bank. I'll be in town in Sydney about 2p.m. to meet Westpac upstairs at the Royal Exchange building about their thieving and the murder of my little daughter recently if you'd like to call in and join the conversation. Nobody else bothered to turn up for one who laid his head on the chest of THE QUEEN.
His Majesty King George VII <TheBritishSovereign@TheUnitedKingdom.com>
Sydney, New South Wales Australia - Monday, December 18, 2000 at 15:15:08 (EST)

Phil my old c0omputer crashed and I was down for two months

just got back on line...my address book wiped, I need your email...blessings. JOB

Job Matusow <scattv@xmission.com>
Glenwood, UT USA - Saturday, December 16, 2000 at 02:41:09 (EST)

A great Geezer and genius
Ray Devlin <Ray@devlin8.freeserve.co.uk>
Liverpool, England - Friday, December 15, 2000 at 18:17:48 (EST)

alright, zoe zero speaking daughter of nick goode - just checking out your website to look at the picture of my dad. nice,
love and peace xxxxxxxxx

Zoe Zero <zoe_zero@hotmail.com>
London, UK England - Wednesday, December 13, 2000 at 16:34:00 (EST)

Check out the New Larry Wallis web site on www.PinkFairies.co.uk or use the link included in this entry. The site is still being developed, but check out the 'New Album' link for info on Larry Wallis's new Album (well what else!). Also includes some collaborate work info.

Also, if you haven't been yet, or for a while please check out the site I do for Steve Peregrin Took on www.Steve-Took.co.uk

Cheers Ears!
(Mercury Moon Web Design on www.Mercury-Moon.co.uk)

Larry Wallis's Pink Fairies Web Site <Fee@Mercury-Moon.co.uk>
England - Monday, December 11, 2000 at 08:42:19 (EST)

having once had a complete collection of oz and ink magazines - even the naughty skool kids issue this was a trip down the memory banks - now the apartments on westbourne grove are torn down and the yuppie pirates have highjacked the gate it is good to know some got out alive and with their integrity intact. Gotta order those jonathon green books for Xmas. 'Do the Oz!'

geoff hutchinson <ehutchinson@mindspring.com>
New Orleans, la usa - Wednesday, December 06, 2000 at 14:14:09 (EST)

you have a wonderful site . i shall visit often . peace .
beeble <theoldhippy@friend-of-the-earth.com>
fort erie, on canada - Wednesday, December 06, 2000 at 13:48:52 (EST)

I love the picture of Pigpen beating his drum with a focused, or maybe dazed, look! You are a lucky man to have had the privaledge to be so close to the greatest rock group in the history of the world! I would love to have the opportunity to hear some of your stories, I'm sure you have millions.
Seth Brdaford <unknownpoet2002@yahoo.com>
Indianapolis, IN U.S.A. - Tuesday, December 05, 2000 at 12:17:50 (EST)


I have several bootlegs of the british band U.K. w/Bill playing drums. recordings around 1978 in the U.S. ery good sound board recordings. Check out my web site at


Ruud Paulusse <paulusse@xs4all.nl>
The Netherlands - Thursday, November 30, 2000 at 10:46:31 (EST)

Technadyne <technadyne@technadyne.net>
Sacramento, CA USA - Monday, November 27, 2000 at 16:13:46 (EST)

i've visited before. you have a great site. peace.
The Ancient One <fortuneteller@philosopher.co.uk>
hamilton, on canada - Monday, November 20, 2000 at 10:25:48 (EST)

well for those of you on Alpha Centurian..doing a phud..on how to screw the lid on the poor, without feeling guilty. I should erudite my last posting.....

first.......we cared

second....we shared

third....we got burnt by the state

fourth...we learnt to surf

Merlin the broke. <daytripper@btinternet.com>
Roma, Italy - Saturday, November 18, 2000 at 18:19:12 (EST)

nICE TO SEE YOUNG Micheal...shit..caps lock..sorry man.......on Auntie tonight....ohh, and didn't he look young and fit, it's all that Californian sunshine..:-), at last the ariflex footage found a home.......but what about the sex on the beach.eh Auntie?.last seen in a porn cinema on the Bristol Road...half price for wankers on the dole..as his words dribble down the centuries....and weren'T they supposed to let all the prisoners free and forget all debts or somat.......it's still a capital offence to get out of it in the woods, why, why, why.

anyone for coco?.te he

David Trippas <daytripper@btinternet.com>
Birmingham, UK - Saturday, November 18, 2000 at 17:44:48 (EST)

dubai, u.a.e - Saturday, November 18, 2000 at 15:30:09 (EST)

My god
That was a great tour, brought back memories for me
what a great site

paul mumford <paul.mumford@compaq.com>
reading, yes england - Monday, November 13, 2000 at 12:12:17 (EST)

CHICAGO, ILL USA - Thursday, November 09, 2000 at 23:20:54 (EST)

I'm extremely curious as to why you should want to know where Steve, Patacake and I are. Rick Blears
Rick Blears <rick@rmspr.co.uk>
Manchester, UK - Thursday, November 09, 2000 at 05:19:41 (EST)

have commed back here some times now, always delightful to look at this piece of art -page. And I have been Hawkfan since 1972.
great work!

gao <gao>
norway - Saturday, November 04, 2000 at 16:48:45 (EST)

all the rantings of unborn proyo-withered souls cannot match yhe pureidiosyncracy of your beloved work. i am refreshed.
john roach <dvshomerd>
stpaul, mn usofa - Friday, November 03, 2000 at 20:01:29 (EST)

long time since I popped in. Have moved to holland and now
living and performing here. have fun

barry fitton <b.fitton@chello.nl>
amsterdam, holland - Thursday, November 02, 2000 at 19:20:04 (EST)

barney; god bless you, remember jersey, clubland indeed!
milo lewis <yuy64@dial.pipex.com>
isle of wight, u.k. - Thursday, November 02, 2000 at 14:02:26 (EST)

Hello Everybody,
I think this is a great page
If anybody has more pages email me it is jess_635@yahoo.com
or bubbles_15_25@yahoo.com.
GRATEFUL DEAD RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jessica <jess_635@yahoo.com>
Friendship , Ny 14739 - Thursday, November 02, 2000 at 13:01:34 (EST)

There is scant material on the Internet regarding Dr. John the Night Tripper. This is very ironic. One needs only to listen to 'Gris Gris' to understand the extraordinary impact the genuine musician has had on those who followed. Some subsequent materials by other artists are so patently obvious in their debt to Dr. John, yet he is not given his due. One can only wonder and speculate about this phenomena. Until recently, obtaining 'Gris Gris' was an underground thing. I applaud the musician and the man for his brilliance and passion, diversity and creativity and genuineness.
donald e. arvidson, m.a.

donald e. arvidson, m.a. <arvidson@onitt.com>
royal oak, mi us - Thursday, October 26, 2000 at 21:18:44 (EDT)

do u know about the regular fries... from london, on the 2nd album and often compared to hawkwind by nme.. they play university of london friday nov 3rd... or check into the mars hotel at www.regularfries.co.uk. rgds, cornelius
cornelius hope <c>
- Thursday, October 26, 2000 at 04:40:50 (EDT)

Ben Milton here (Jake Milton's boy a.k.a Quintessence's drummer) Great web pages, nice to see the old photos of the band. I have spoken to Alan recently, but i would love to hear what the rest of you are up to. have not seen Raja since the Flying ryno party '98
I am currently drumming in W10 where i have a studio, not to far from the infamous Notting Hill gate Where it all started.
Love to all. Ben

Ben Milton <redproductions@Hotmail.com>
London, England - Tuesday, October 24, 2000 at 06:48:20 (EDT)

Paul Robinson <jpr100@hotmail.com>
widnes, - Tuesday, October 17, 2000 at 08:33:12 (EDT)

Dear Uncle Phil -

I gurgle, I gasp . . . and could readily rant over the impressive photographic memories you present of Cale, Nico and Pink Floyd, herein.

Thanks very much for the wonderful work! Thanks, also, to Malcolm Humes for his production. I am honored to have corresponded with Malcolm over the Net. He is a very kind, humorus and brilliant fellow. (Note his sites on Eno!)

Warm regards -

(I have taken the liberty of linking your site to mine . . . trust that will be OK!)

Xyra <xyra@aol.com>
Washington, DC USA - Monday, October 16, 2000 at 15:16:55 (EDT)

  LZkat from the land of oz (Kansas) here.. serious ledhead... groovy place i found here just surfing around under Led Zeppelin stuff. thanx for the beautiful way to start the day. keep on keepin on. peace.
kat <kvanbeber@kscable.com>
el dorado, ks usa - Monday, October 09, 2000 at 10:23:58 (EDT)

jayedgargarton <jay@yoodoorite.net>
ventura, ca ussa - Monday, October 09, 2000 at 03:14:01 (EDT)

hello all .. this is the first time i have been here.
i am in search of a nervanic and happy place to ponder the
strange and wonderfull, yet deeply dark existence which had
enveloped my life. i am covered and blanketed by a blur
of colorful lies. false security has lulled the madness of
my obsession into a slumber. i must wake up, an eye is
me, staring straight down and keenly through seeing all
that i am and all that i can never be, so i must face
forward. with mind reeling and arms wide open . my future
has arrived. am i ready to go???

floshun <flomaster@hotmail.com>
urbana, oh usa - Sunday, October 08, 2000 at 22:50:42 (EDT)

il ove you all. really. you look like wonderful baskets of flour just waiting to be roasted by the gleaming afternoon sun. but it saddens me. as i gaze ever more deeply into fluffy ivory deepness of my basket-friends i see black specks of betrayal. ants in the flour basket of my friendship. deceit and treachery run rampant even in the cool, soothing arms of my flour basket. god, why did it come to this?
george henson <tiabguls@hotmail.com>
trent, mo usa - Thursday, October 05, 2000 at 10:52:34 (EDT)

bike master <trancemaster64@hotmail.com>
melburne, VIC Australia - Saturday, September 30, 2000 at 09:43:49 (EDT)

I live near the Liberace museum and go there all the time. It's a great place... but it you want to visit a real Vegas bachelorette pad, check out my website at www.geocities.com/sarrrahjane. It'll blow you away! As opulent as Lee, as addictive as crack, and as frightfully witty as Dennis Miller on MNF. Check it out!
P.S. Make sure you typr 3 "R"s in sarrrahjane... otherwise you'll reach this other Sarah Jane, in Atlanta.

Sarah Jane <sarrrahjane@yahoo.com>
Las Vegas, NV 89102 - Friday, September 29, 2000 at 18:58:52 (EDT)

Great photos of a great man. I just finished reading his autobiography for the second time. Those are some great black and whites.
Andrew Hoke <malik_carr@aol.com>
Pittsburgh, PA USA - Friday, September 29, 2000 at 00:08:00 (EDT)

Grande sito! Fantastico Woody!!!!!!!!!!!!
Leonardo <malenurse@tin.it>
Italia - Wednesday, September 27, 2000 at 11:01:25 (EDT)

Nice picture of Pamela except for drinking Coke. The stuff is vile; it causes dehydration(wrinkles), decalcification, (bone lose, osteoporosis), acidosis (almost any disease that is in the books). Call any vegetable!!! Suzy, what's got into ya? Tom Boulger
Tom Boulger <Tomboulger@aol.com>
Redondo Beach, CA USA - Sunday, September 24, 2000 at 17:41:22 (EDT)

Hi everybody! Do you think eney --*Yes*-- members have time to look thrue this comment page? I recently was able to go see the --*masters tour*--concert!It was vary exspensive for decent seats.But,it was definutly more of a spiritual exsperiance then eney church I've ever bean to(more positive/personaly too!)so it was worth it ten fold.It was the first consert that I ever had to go alone too(Let me tell you I will not miss the chance of seeing Yes, live for eney resone)I've never met more cool people in my life,then at that consert. I waited behined starplex for two hours after the show for a chance to meet at least one band member(they all drove right past us in a van)oh well!I'm a Drummer/audio engineer(25 years of age), with a serious dream of one day playing with --*YES*--(sarry Alen White,but I'm twice as creative as you and the band really would benifit from my pressence, youth and spirit/capability!)after all I feel/know the song's much, much better then the average persone.plus I've seen you at the helm four times and you definitly wher the odd ball!(trust me I'm a great judge at the's things). Even if I never get a chance to even meet eney of the Yes crue, I will still yeald quite a lot of great music myself(check ou my web site for Mp3's){http://welcome.to/dblacklab}(influeced by Yes definutly!!!!!!)and in the end I can always make my own masters of all my favorit --*YES*-- songs with my own drum tracks and vocal tracks dubbed in, with multytrack --*MIDI*-- files that are freely available on the net(I've already downloaded all the best!) and with all my vintage --*synths*-- they all come out sounding sweet with a little bit of tweeking.John!!If you think --*Igor*-- fitts in well as keyboardist,just wait tell you e-mail me!!!!I'm not kidding or fronting.I say all this cuz I've got nothing to loose but time by trying to get thue to you.And if I ever do-----God!!how it will all be worth it!
Dominick Black <dblacklab@netzero.net>
dallas, tx usa - Sunday, September 24, 2000 at 04:09:50 (EDT)

Beautiful artwork of my favorite performer!
James Sharp <muffinman72326@yahoo.com>
Colt, , AR USA - Sunday, September 24, 2000 at 02:46:33 (EDT)

I'm told by those present in the 70's we had a good time - but my memories ain't what they used to be. Guess that's what late nights and herb does when you get to 40. Still - there will never be another band like the Fairies. It's great so few have heard of them - I feel included by their exclusion. Heavy? or what?
uncle harry <apptech@btinternet.com>
dont believe in them, the kingdom that was united - Saturday, September 23, 2000 at 15:22:32 (EDT)

Just surfin' thro' Hawkwind sites - nice to see so many. I've been into Hawkwind since about '79 (6th form at school). However, I once read "Time of the Hawklords" by Michael, a hardback book which my friend at school borrowed from Wythenshawe Library, but I cannot seem to find a copy of it anywhere. Can anyone help?
Richard Roberts <roberts9@supanet.com>
Oldham, England - Wednesday, September 20, 2000 at 17:14:40 (EDT)

Hey nice site Miss the band coming here but did catch them last 2 times they came Once to a Woodstock site and once right here in Ma. Keep on peace Ruby
Ruby <acadianruby@aol.com>
Lynn, Ma. usa - Friday, September 15, 2000 at 13:35:44 (EDT)

Came in for the Barney Bubbles pages - thanks for those, he's gone but not forgotten. Am now going to delve the rest of the site.
Kevin O'Brien <kevin@watford.net>
Watford, England - Thursday, September 14, 2000 at 05:45:16 (EDT)

Hi Phil, Great site.
So much relevent info I'm overloaded.
Anyone got any info or memories of Steve Peregrin Took?
Anyone who knew him or saw him gigging.
Please get in touch.
Anyone wondering who's he?
Visit his site: Steve Peregrin Took's Domain

Fee <Fee@Steve-Took.co.uk>
Kidderminster, England - Tuesday, September 12, 2000 at 11:39:37 (EDT)

I Ain't looked at it yet. But I'm sure I'm gonna FREAK OUT!
Joe Thomas <upstream3@juno.com>
Wilmington, DE US - Monday, September 11, 2000 at 10:15:27 (EDT)

Greetings from Wuerzburg, Germany.
P.Barnabas Stephan <p.barnabas@freenet.de>
Wuerzburg, Germany - Sunday, September 10, 2000 at 05:24:57 (EDT)

James Ash <james@prdros99.freeserve.co.uk>
Tennesse, - Friday, September 01, 2000 at 12:38:56 (EDT)

Awesome to see so much info on Nik Turner. I'm originaly from S.Wales and went to a party at his place years ago(Iremember falling over a lot and snogging some dodjy bloke!). Also seen the All Stars loads of times. Respect to Mr Turner, you're the dogs bollocks man!
Miss Pinkie <acunniffethomas@hotmail.com>
Kennett Square, PA USA - Sunday, August 27, 2000 at 23:15:30 (EDT)

Nik Turner

jason <jason@skyeklad.com>
here, it when - Wednesday, August 23, 2000 at 17:52:20 (EDT)

smoke alot of weed, stoner
wheeler, WI usa - Wednesday, August 23, 2000 at 16:35:28 (EDT)

c johnson <ukynot.yahoo.com>
oxford, england - Sunday, August 20, 2000 at 07:47:58 (EDT)

interested in your site and links. please keep me informed
spooky dave <spookydave@hotmail.com>
- Sunday, August 13, 2000 at 14:32:50 (EDT)

Ken Bakalar <yokinazu@AOL.com>
Shelton, CT USA - Wednesday, August 09, 2000 at 23:31:52 (EDT)

Burning Question: how accurate was the Graham Bond tarot reading? And, do you sell prints of your photos? Thanks for the site!
swerve <swervesixtyfour@yahoo.com>
Miami, FL UselessA - Wednesday, August 09, 2000 at 00:30:46 (EDT)

nice, nice.
avramiotis sot <dados@hol.gr>
corfu, gr - Wednesday, August 02, 2000 at 07:12:20 (EDT)

I would like to contact Sam Hutt (Hank Wangford) please forward my e-mail to him if at all possible.

James Woodard

James Woodard <jamesone@mercuryin.es>
Malaga, - Monday, July 31, 2000 at 06:24:07 (EDT)

1970 was cool, Your files tell me I had something to do with
Stephan Warwick, Ricky Blears and Roslind Pearce, sure, it
was the hype around Brindsley Schwarz, so where are all the
other good believing nuts that fell to the gob of a
so-called Edward Molton - Ex-Canadian Jail bird.
Greetings to all that got through the last 30 years and
are still credulous to others.
By the way, my old man is still running strong as a painter
living in a hut on the coast of Jamaica.

Jodi R%outh <Jodi.Routh@t-online.de>
Frankfurt, Germany - Sunday, July 30, 2000 at 10:14:29 (EDT)

Totally whatever!
Lanny Grade <lgrade@flash.net>
Oklahoma City, OK Oklahoma - Friday, July 28, 2000 at 23:08:01 (EDT)

I've been to New Orleans 5 times looking for Dr John, since 1995. I've seemed to have missed him. Is there a web page or chat room that he reads? Please E-mail me about this. Thanks!
Pam Rosas <pam_rosas@hotmail.com>
Omaha, NE US - Thursday, July 27, 2000 at 18:37:29 (EDT)

where can I find the england phototour archives of several years ago?

Im still doing research on family history and need references
7 downloads of photos of weymouth estates is England/

thanks for continually interesting website

I downloaded darg grey to the desktop!

jack marshall weymouth VI SAR <jack@weymouth2.com>
waukegan, IL 60087 - Thursday, July 27, 2000 at 07:40:46 (EDT)

WONDERFUL thank you very much.
woots <woots@accessus.net>
odin, il. usa - Wednesday, July 26, 2000 at 01:22:48 (EDT)

thanks for info on johnny. saw him last at grafitti's in pittsburgh.sat on the stage all by myself and really got rocked.he puts more licks on one song than most bluesmen put in a career! can't wait to see him next time.
tony <tgonzo90@hot.com>
oakdale, pa usa - Monday, July 24, 2000 at 13:28:37 (EDT)

hi dale
roger hull <eahull@yahoo.com>
portage, in - Sunday, July 23, 2000 at 12:21:16 (EDT)

The Ancient One <ancient1@celticwarrior.com>
hamilton, on Canada - Thursday, July 13, 2000 at 13:52:29 (EDT)

Thanks for the glimpse of Graham Bond.
For those who dont know,he was famous on the sixties club circuit for playing the hammond B3 with one hand & the alto sax with the other!
Also of course for being the best innovator of the "blues leaning on jazz" style and giving the privilege of his talents to Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker & Dick Heckstall-Smith,
(now well known for later contributions elsewhere).
Check out the 'Graham Bond Organisation' for best work in the mid sixties via search engine www.dogpile.com

Dave Arnold <davidarnold@hotmail.com>
High Wycombe, England - Saturday, July 01, 2000 at 07:06:59 (EDT)

WHAT the hell?! I was desperately searching for info on Pamela DesBarres and found this WILD page. I saw past comments about Hawkwind---my boyfriend loves them---so I am bookmarking.SO--- I loved the archive piece on Miss Pam (I was an 80's Metallite girrrl---she's my hero now that I am OLD and slightly more sane)...Very cool! Wanna learn more about what Philm Freax is all about..!
---A new fan!!!

Cyndi B <popart13@yahoo.com>
Clifton, NJ USA BAYBEE - Sunday, June 11, 2000 at 20:54:44 (EDT)

I'm looking to include the song 'JANUARY MAN' on a cd of local folkies. Is this song from Martin Carthy? How could I contact to find out info. for using this song?
Bruce Dockter <BjkDockter@msn.com>
Turlock, Ca. U.S.A. - Saturday, June 10, 2000 at 19:16:27 (EDT)

MASSET, BC CANADA - Friday, June 02, 2000 at 21:47:12 (EDT)

Hi, Thanks for this fine site.
regards, Auke

Auke H. Middel <ahmiddel@cs.com>
Veendam, Gr The Netherlands - Monday, May 29, 2000 at 16:21:29 (EDT)

Wonderful! More, more, more...
Marco Antonio Leite <marcoaleite@bol.com.br>
Pocos de Caldas , MG Brazil - Friday, May 26, 2000 at 10:44:52 (EDT)

We are standing on the Edge and it is Dark !
It is Dark! It is Dark ! But wait, now I
remember! We have been Illuminated by the Mellodic
Dirge like Astro-Physcho-logic music of Hawkwind.
Tripping with no drugs and dreaming while awake is
is all possible with the wind at your back and the Hawk
over head......HawkWind !

Michael McCarthy <mctwinster@juno.com>
Chicago, IL The US of A - Wednesday, May 24, 2000 at 21:52:41 (EDT)

Teresa <dimond@terraworld.net>
Chanute, KS US - Wednesday, May 17, 2000 at 21:59:56 (EDT)

During my teens, you kept me politically sane in 70's white South Africa.
Come on REB, get off your arse and play for us again. (And if you need a keyboardist, gimme a ring.)

Paul Geraghty <paul.geraghty@virgin.net>
London, UK - Wednesday, May 17, 2000 at 07:36:24 (EDT)

Life is a trip... I booked mine early.
As always, your photography is astounding. You capture
something that only those in the know are able to experience.
Be cool, stay well and continue to indulge your passions.

Paul D. Elder <paranoidghost@hotmail.com>
British Columbia, BC Canada - Friday, May 12, 2000 at 22:22:54 (EDT)

I discovered your web page by accident, and what a great site. All the memories come flooding back, I'd love to see some of these bands again, especially the broughtons, who were the greatest live band that I have ever seen. I followed them around the country as much as possible. Then the family commitments take over, and life tends to change. Anyway thanks, thanks, thanks. Must go, I'm going to dig out one of there old albums and remember a part of my youth, that I haven't quite left behind. Out demons Out...
WEMEANIT... Laurie

laurie mcbirney <lauriemcb50@hotmail.com>
exeter, uk - Monday, May 01, 2000 at 14:31:09 (EDT)

  It was a great pleasure for me, to see all this beautiful photos. Thankyou so much!! I wish You all the best.
With greatings from Germany Hilmar "The bear" Werner

Hilmar Werner <hilmarwerner@hotmail.com>
Wilnsdorf, Germany - Friday, April 28, 2000 at 12:45:08 (EDT)

I was once under contract with Tom and Bob with the group called the "Spearmints" (1964-65) and a "Boss of the Bay" concert in San Francisco (The Animals, Chad and Jeremy, The Beau Brummels, Chuck Berry Etc. and knew him quite well. A good man. Trivia ... He and his secretary (Carl) would have to drive thier own caddies even if they were going the same place...
wayne <wayne@taconic.net>
stanfordville, ny usa - Tuesday, April 25, 2000 at 12:47:57 (EDT)

I haven't seen much yet, but here goes
lonelyonthemountain <westbygolly@gateway.net>
USA - Monday, April 24, 2000 at 22:46:07 (EDT)

I love JW's music since more than 25 years, he turned me to the Blues, have seen him twice on stage, have many collector's items like videos and concert-tapes, I wish to join him again sometimes here in Germany, hope that could happen, best wishes to HIMSELF and to all JWfans!!
Thomas Fabel <Thomas Fabel@aol.com>
Bielefeld, Germany - Friday, April 21, 2000 at 05:11:39 (EDT)

More splendid photos of the era when we were young. You and Mal deserve to be commended with the pick of the week from No B.S. No B.S. is good B.S. Thanks for the memories!
Gary "Isha" Isringhaus <isha_1@msn.com>
Asheville, NC USA - Thursday, April 20, 2000 at 21:12:00 (EDT)

Hiya Phil
Nice review at No_BS. Check out my url link below for an interesting solution to non-pinchable images using QuickTime.
Also did you ever read my jeza wined up CD review? at www.muzikman.com/burbs.html
Keep up the good work. Let's see more of those pix.

Jeza <jeza@jezaland.demon.co.uk>
London, NoFit UKoGB&NI - Tuesday, April 18, 2000 at 17:53:59 (EDT)

Robert Williams <cnoel@aol.com>
norfolk, va u.s.a - Monday, April 17, 2000 at 20:53:34 (EDT)

Christ, your work on Hawkwind, Brock and Turner brings back memories. An excellent read.
steve xxxxx

steve reece <stevenreece@yahoo.com>
shrewsbury, england - Saturday, April 15, 2000 at 16:34:01 (EDT)

really freaky but different
terri <terri900@cs.com>
stover, mo usa - Tuesday, April 11, 2000 at 03:49:07 (EDT)

Hell ya yall stomp ass
Donovan Ferguson <Donovanf57@home.com>
Oklahoma City, Ok United States of America - Monday, April 10, 2000 at 15:33:37 (EDT)

I never knew Floyd played the same night as Cale & Nico, and I'm a great fan of all three! I always wanted to know what Roger Waters and John Cale thought of one another - have you got any ideas?
Alex Heslop <akheslop@hotmail.com>
London, UK - Sunday, April 09, 2000 at 11:14:09 (EDT)

sorry to hear about being ripped off!! Nothing like a little courtesy eh? nice work, I'll pop by again some time. stay cool
Art <artk@nonline.net>
kitchener, ont. Canada - Sunday, April 02, 2000 at 16:42:02 (EDT)

Hi Nick,
Do you remember around 1993 you met us on Goa beach in India, you played Happy birthday on the Saxophone for my sons birhday?
Regards, Graham

G BARON <gbaron9455@aol.com>
MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - Sunday, April 02, 2000 at 04:57:18 (EDT)

Dear Phil,
My son Misha (20years old) accidently discovered your site quite recently. Wonderful to have created it. I've just returned to OZ after 25 great years in France. Have much to say about minor details which some thought major but it's now irrelevant. I will be moving up to the Lismore/Byron Bay area by end May to further the pursuit of the "... charming revolution". I see Jim Anderson, Richard Neville and Louise Ferrier regularily. There is much to discuss but I can only get into it seriously once I'm established in my new pastures. Send signs of recognition and we'll continue the dance.
venceremos, bien à toi,

Stanislav "The Man" Demidjuk <demid@one.net.au>
Sydney, Australia - Friday, March 31, 2000 at 09:51:09 (EST)

Hey Phil, I was part of the cast at Friendz, also photographer, went to your flat, saw your work. Was going out with Daphne. Knew Hawkwind boys and the Pink Faeries. It was '70-71. I left all my negs with Daphne Richardson, when I was on the run from the draft. Do you have any ideas where they might be? I sure hope they exist somewhere. I know she died. Loved seeing pics of Little Tony, Barney Bubbles and the rest. Sure brought back memories. Peace and Love mate. Isha 3.27.00
gary isringhaus <ISHA_1@msn.com>
asheville, nc usa - Sunday, March 26, 2000 at 14:17:45 (EST)

pat justic <pjustice@directweb.com>
berlin, nj use - Thursday, March 23, 2000 at 12:57:38 (EST)

I am not really sure where I am, but I soon find myself not where I thought I was.....
Mike K. O'Reilly <peakbaggers1@thegrid.net>
Morro Bay, CA U.S.A. - Tuesday, March 21, 2000 at 03:55:18 (EST)

Thanks for the great photos.
Tap her lite.

Patrick Mus <pmus5262@postoffice.uri.edu>
- Wednesday, March 15, 2000 at 13:55:01 (EST)

Great site!!! I'd like to exchange links. Come by my page and give it a test drive. I also have a great java code in place on my site that defeats the "right click & save" option to protect your images. More than happy to share the cut & paste java code if you would like. Gimmme a shout and let me know. Later on :)
The Wizard <wizard@aristotle.net>
Little Rock, AR USA - Saturday, March 11, 2000 at 20:28:33 (EST)

last time I saw Nik was in the Duchess in Leeds, nice to know he's still alive!!!
jayne <jane.thomas@exch.bvh-tr.nwest.nhs.uk>
- Thursday, March 02, 2000 at 15:26:18 (EST)

visit liespeopletell.com its cool
T <tackytammy@liespeopletell.com>
- Monday, February 28, 2000 at 14:03:30 (EST)

BERLIN, PA - Monday, February 28, 2000 at 10:36:36 (EST)

help!!!! i need to find the home movie of "ladies and gentelmen the rolling stones" can you help? please?? thanks i will pay for shipping etc. thanks hope you can help... scott in clearwtaer florida... (major mick taylor fan)
scott phaler <phaler_scott@hotmail.com>
clearwater, fl usa - Saturday, February 26, 2000 at 00:19:44 (EST)

Thank you so much for having a page to tom donahue. Tom was my grandfather and i haven't really seen any pictures of him or know much about him. if anyone knows of any web pages about him please email me. Thank You
Shannon Hayes <shannon7373@yahoo.com>
Mill Valley, Ca usa - Friday, February 25, 2000 at 14:40:29 (EST)

kegra <kegra@email.msn.com>
camarillo, CA USA - Thursday, February 24, 2000 at 18:55:05 (EST)

HiYa Phil/Lola its us from the old country
Steve Bennett <stevenbennett@supanet.com>
- Thursday, February 24, 2000 at 16:27:17 (EST)

Sign me up. I was missing out..and realize it. Karen
Kaaren Hindman <bluesqueenbee@hotmail.com>
Finleyville, PA USA - Thursday, February 24, 2000 at 00:19:47 (EST)

Just had a quick look around, came across your page after seeing tho photos of your friends that visited Mojacar.
Keep with it.

Somebody you dont know. (Lucas).

Rgds. Lucas

Lucas Mayo <Mojacar@jazzfree.com>
Mojacar, Spain - Wednesday, February 23, 2000 at 11:04:50 (EST)

mohammed <md_alharbi@hotmail.com>
- Thursday, February 17, 2000 at 17:24:39 (EST)

Hiya Phil, you old gasbag ;-)

Keep on fighting the good fight against the pirates of the high https, and I hope to see you again soon, be it in Druidstone, Sheffield, London, or, who knows, maybe even in sunny Spain.

All the best to Lola.

Love & respect ya,

Dan Sumption <dan@hardnet.co.uk>
Sheffield & London, UK - Saturday, February 12, 2000 at 17:30:32 (EST)

an interesting and great page, especially if your a fan of woody allen like me. i have my own webpage about woody and i liked some of your pictures here - i may add them to my site - if you see them there and disapprove please e-mail me and i'll remove them. i will also provide a link to here
paul <paultergeist@home.com>
winnipeg, canada - Sunday, February 06, 2000 at 00:33:03 (EST)

Dear Paul,
I'm delighted you like my Woody Allen photos but I disapprove of your attitude towards copyright: You must ask for permission before you use anybody's material.
Please respect  Intellectual Property!

~ Philm

Thanks to Phil and Jonathon for their help in shortcutting the links as I still could not find as much info on Jon Goodchild even with their help. Keep those emails coming

marianne moore <marianne.moore@btinternet.com>
London , UK - Saturday, February 05, 2000 at 14:10:25 (EST)

hi, i happened upon your site tonight because i'm writting my senior thesis on the dead and i'm just searching around the net to see whats out there. i look forward to coming back to this site. thanks.
debby <sugarmag@gwu.edu>
washington, dc usa - Wednesday, February 02, 2000 at 01:23:14 (EST)

While I enjoyed the Daevid Allen content with the marvellous pic of Daevid, Robert and Archie with the brilliant BananaMoon album and a letter from David to you, I did take offence to the comment regarding Jonny Greene and GAS. As GAS is a non profit org supporting Gong and Daevid Allen projects, maybe you could lay off and allow them to make music which is what it's about. BTW, your pics came from DA and are no longer displayed. It certainly won't endear you to many friends of Gong and GAS to keep that statement running. Just my 2p worth M8 :-)
46 <y46sez@webtv.net>
None, fl us - Saturday, January 22, 2000 at 10:36:24 (EST)

Please read Phil's email reply to the views expressed above.

Just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful things you have said about my dad. I know he'd be tickled pink to hear them. Long live Viv Stanshall!!!!!

Silky Stanshall <ki@gv.net>
nevada city, ca usa - Thursday, January 20, 2000 at 16:36:36 (EST)

HeY, GuYs, I wAs dOiNg a ScHoOl PrOjEcT oN yOuR 196o'S- yOu
FoLkS aRe WaY cOoL. JuSt ThOuGhT I'd SaY WhAt's Up, DaWg...

Tracie Smith <Gsprinter@aol.com>
Dayton , NV USA - Friday, January 14, 2000 at 21:27:10 (EST)

Gasp: Whoa! It's Beautiful... like a dream... really slidn' rippn' cool... rave on.
Grand Prairie, tx usa - Friday, January 14, 2000 at 02:11:12 (EST)

Ello To All,
In advance, Thank you Phil and Meta for being here, there and tomorrow:-).. Eppy New Year onwards, upwards, & outwards... As Always, Ya all are there......
Yes, I mean ya as ya read!!!:-). Who's all on for gigs in march2000 in London??
Please do not respond back to site here..
Uncle Phil, will gently remind me. Has anyone
else received those tap, tap, thump, thump, wake up,
elllooooo...is anyone in there notes?
However, his site is zee spring for refreshments:-)

Cisco Kid <ciscokid2000@pcisys.net>
Springs, Co USA - Sunday, January 09, 2000 at 04:31:56 (EST)

shannon forsyth <shannonforsyh@hotmail.com>
ellicott city, md united states - Friday, January 07, 2000 at 09:55:49 (EST)

jUST hELLO, pASSING bYE, I aM mIsS cHrIsTiNeS (oF tHe GtO'S)
nEpHeW. iF MiSs PaMelA D. wOUlD hAvE tHe tO CoOlNeSs oF hER
sELf tO sEnD mE a nOtE, iT WoUlD bE aPPrEcIaTeD.....fUnNy..
uNcLe pHiL, mOst oF yOuR FriEnDs yOU hAVe ArE iN mY aUnt's
pHoNe & AdDreSs bOOk..... FrKa (sAn pEdrO)*

rIcK sErIcI <MiSfT13@yAhOo.CoM>
ToRrAnCe, cA uSa - Wednesday, January 05, 2000 at 03:38:12 (EST)

I don't know if you got my last e-mail but I ran out of time.
If you didn't send me an E-mail. I went to several Johnny and Edgar Winter concerts in the 70's and went also to see Rick Derringer and Met him once. It was so cool.

terri <terris-tots@juno.com>
Largo, FL USA - Sunday, January 02, 2000 at 20:15:22 (EST)

Happy New Year! Thanks for being here.
mal <anonymouse@example.net>
HP, NC - Sunday, January 02, 2000 at 01:28:49 (EST)

Happy New Year and our thanks to the guys at MetaLab.UNC.edu for a seamless and smooth Y2K roll-over!
~ Philm
Phil Franks (on behalf of Philm Freax) <freax AT arrakis DOT es>
Spain, Europe - Saturday, January 01, 2000 at 00:01:01 (EST)


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