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The Furry Freak Sisters

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I first saw Karloo, Mouche and Nerida (a.k.a. Neddy) milling around the market in Portobello Road one Saturday morning. They were making one hell of a noise laughing and giggling and trying on clothes, three mischievous imps full of life. At the risk of sounding corny I told them I was a photographer and asked them if they'd like to come to my place, just two blocks up the road, so I could take some pictures of them. They agreed immediately... it was 3 against 1 anyway, I didn't stand a chance against them. They captivated me completely.

It turned out that they were very young, Karloo was the eldest at about 16 and Neddy 3 years younger. Neddy and Karloo were both daughters of the same mother, an Australian painter whom I later got to know quite well and with whom the two of them lived but they had two different fathers, one of whom was also Mouche's but she lived with her mother who wasn't her sisters' mother.
Sounds a little complicated I know but they sure knew who they were.

We became really good friends and went to a lot of parties and gigs together, they'd come to my place most Fridays and Saturdays when the market was in full swing and got to know folks like Lady June, Nik Turner and Daevid Allen those times when they'd all run into each other in Philm's kitchen.

Barney Bubbles and I decided they were the real-life female versions of Gilbert Shelton's Furry Freak Brothers and so we called them "The Furry Freak Sisters". I wonder where they are now...

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