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Dave Brock

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This photo comes from the same Hawkwind session at which I photographed Lemmy, Nik and Douglas. The photos were used in a Barney Bubbles poster that accompanied the original release of Hawkwind's Doremi Fa So Latido album.

In July of 1996 on our way to see Dave for the first time in 25 odd years at his farm Lola and I stopped off at Stonehenge.

Probably the last time I was there was in 1972 on my way to the first Glastonbury Fayre. I'd heard while I was living abroad all these years of the British Government's appropriation of the 'Henge but I wasn't prepared to see those ancient and noble stones fenced in and stared at in incomprehension by hundreds of foreign tourists who might just as well have been at Disneyland or Venice, Italy, I felt like the stones were old friends of mine being ridiculed.

It reminded me of the final scene from the film King Kong.

I thought I'd take some photos through the fence anyway, as a contrast to those I'd taken all those years ago when in England's green and pleasant land Stonehenge stood free and proud on Salisbury Plain.

Then the weirdest thing happened... my little battery powered camera refused to open and instead the "dead battery" icon blinked in the liquid crystal display. Somehow I felt that was OK, I didn't really want to photograph that place in that way anyway and I was grateful that at least I could detour to some town, to a camera shop to buy new batteries before arriving at Dave's place. You know I wasn't in the least surprised when in the camera shop in Yeovil the camera opened perfectly and the LCD indicated a good battery!

I used that new battery to shoot the photos you'll see here in the Philm Freax: Dave Brock Interviews but out of curiosity I put the old one back in the camera afterwards. I've shot 10 rolls since then and it's still going strong. Maybe this story doesn't mean much to you but I wanted to tell it anyway.

Now on to what you came for... photos of the Space Lord... there are several pages of them... search and you will find... listen and the stones will speak to you...

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