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Pink Fairies

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I remember a week or two I spent on the road with the Pink Fairies, a tour of Top Rank Ballrooms it was. We stopped at a motorway services on our way back to London from one of those places where you could quite easily spend a fortnight some afternoon.

As we walked into the Self-Service Restaurant a group of Hells Angels that was sitting there started taunting us about our long hair, and calling Boss "Fatty" while we filled our trays with food at the counter.

Twink was wearing black ballet tights on his skinny legs, his tall, shiny wizard's hat, and a bright turquoise coloured, sequined jacket that he had "borrowed" from the dressing room at the gig.

A very straight family man with his equally straight teenage family became positively out-fucking-raged that people like us should be allowed to live on the same planet as decent people like him and his, and he told us so in not particularly polite words.

Twink calmly carried his tray to the guy's table, took his own strawberry milk shake, and v e r y slowly, poured it all over the guy's head. Then he stuck the glass on top, just like his own tall wizard's hat. Twink stared pure frizzle-sizzle-burning-toe-curling vibes at the Angels, who moved faster than if he had opened fire with an Uzi... man they were out that door and gone before we could even sit down... at their table of course, where they had left cigarettes, money, everything.

Twink cleared the table by passing his arm across it, brushing everything onto the floor, then kicking it towards Ol' Strawberry Head's table he said, "If any one else has any problems let's hear about it now!"... we began to eat, not quite sure what might happen next. I wondered if anybody had called the cops yet.

Twink suddenly and without warning leapt to his feet, spat Shepherd's Pie at an enormous truck driver who seemed not even to have noticed what had gone down and said angrily to the world at large. "... and don't anyone never, ever, call Boss Fairy 'FAT'... right ?
... Peace and Love!!!"

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