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Robert Greenfield

[Photo © Phil Franks]

Phil Franks and Bob Greenfield worked as partners on a number of projects while Robert was Associate Editor at Rolling Stone magazine's London office in the early 1970's. He and Phil have been described as being a team like Starsky & Hutch (70s US TV show), though I think they were probably a lot hipper, closer to Hunter S. Thompson's gonzo style and having more fun. Robert has recently published a book on Jerry Garcia called "Dark Star: an Oral Biography of Jerry Garcia" and is currently working on a book on Timothy Leary. He's also involved in several theatre and film projects, has written a book on the Rolling Stones and is rumored to be living somewhere in northern California at this time.

With his kind permission we're able to offer digital reprints of some of his features here, supplemented by the original (and some previously unpublished) photographs scanned from Phil's negatives.

So far we have online Bob's interviews with Germaine Greer, Woody Allen, and John Cale & Nico. We also have an unpublished feature of his on the 1970 Isle of Wight Festival that we hope to bring you soon.

Without Robert's blessing authorizing use of his work here along with our Friends/Frendz magazine first person narratives from Jonathon Green's "Days in the Life" book our site would lack the depth and scope. And thousands of words that paint verbal histories of the behind-the-scene contexts where Phil's photos were taken.

Thanks, Bob you're a real gent!

- Malcolm Humes


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